How To Safely Store Important Documents In A Self-Storage Unit?

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Written By Berry Mathew

Self-storage units are a great way to save space and protect valuable items. Depending on the occasion or specific needs, they can be used for personal or business storage purposes. However, despite using Secure Storage in Milwaukee WI, you may need to go the extra mile to protect the important documents you intend to store. 

You should know these things if your goal of using a secure self-storage unit is to keep important documents.

The first step to securing an important document to be kept in a self-storage unit is to choose the best self-storage unit. When choosing your self-storage unit, ensure it is in the best possible condition. Consider the following factors to select a self-storage unit in the best possible condition.

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Security System

A 24/7 security system is ideal for a secure self-storage unit. With such a security guarantee, you can rest assured that your important document will be guarded all day and night. When choosing, ask the self-storage unit provider about their security system and guarantee. The unit provider should be able to offer CCTV cameras as well as patrol security guards.

The storage unit should also offer secure 24/7 access. This feature allows you to securely claim your document at any time of the day or night.

Storage Unit Size

A standard self-storage facility has different units in different sizes to cater to specific needs. Ask the storage facility about the available sizes and discuss your specific storage needs. Chances are high that you’ll find the perfect storage size for your important document.

While choosing storage size, it is important to consider your present and future storage needs. You may choose a size higher than your present needs to cater to any additional storage needs in the future.

Location And Accessibility

An easy-to-locate and access self-storage unit can save you time and stress, especially if you need to retrieve important documents without prior plans. Being easy to locate and access, coupled with a 24/7 access feature, you can rest assured that your documents will be reachable as quickly as possible.

Reviews From Past Customers

Customer reviews have become an important part of consumer decisions today. Consumers want to know that the company offers great services all around. Before selecting the self-storage unit facility, ensure you have read their reviews online.

For reviews, visit independent review websites for an accurate representation of the company’s services and pricing.

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  • Store Important Documents Properly

After selecting the perfect secure self-storage facility and unit, you need to know how to store your important documents safely and carefully. Below are some tips on how to store your important documents.

Pay Attention To The Kind Of Storage Boxes

You shouldn’t just rent a self-storage unit and load your documents in them. You need to securely sort, pack, and store your documents. A good way to safely store your document is by boxing them appropriately.

The boxes you’ll use should depend on how long you intend to store the documents. You can choose plastic boxes if you intend to store the documents for a long time; otherwise, cardboard boxes are fine.

Label Your Boxes Appropriately

Sorting and labeling are two important things to do when planning to store important documents in a secure self-storage. Ensure that the documents are sorted into different sections based on their importance or easily distinguishable factors. You should also ensure that each cardboard or plastic box is properly labeled.

Correct labeling will ease your stress at a later date when you intend to retrieve important documents from the stash.

  • Document Selection And Storage 

Now that you’ve chosen the right storage medium and sorted your document, here are other important things to know.

How Long Can You Keep Documents

Some documents expire after some months or years. For example, your tax documents expire after seven years. You may need to sort through your document from time to time to trash the expired ones while replacing them with recent ones.

Documents You Shouldn’t Keep In A Secure Self-Storage

Everyday business or personal documents like personal medical records, bills and receipts, tax documents, etc., should not be kept in a secure self-storage. You can, however, store important but rarely used documents like land deeds, car titles, etc., for safekeeping.

Once you’ve ticked all the boxes, from selecting the perfect self-storage unit to sorting the documents and labeling them, proceed to place the important boxes in the most appropriate areas in your secure self-storage unit. Ensure that the documents are kept in an easy-to-access area to save time and energy when you come for them.