How To Start Crypto Trading For Beginners

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Written By Charlotte Miller

Crypto trading is a revolutionary way of investing in cryptocurrency. It’s an exciting and rewarding experience, but it can be challenging to start with – especially if you’re unfamiliar with the concepts behind crypto marketplaces like charts or logistics fees. 

It is crucial to explore what cryptocurrency really is. The scope of this article doesn’t just extend to the definition or the technology backing the currency. Instead, it takes up the entity and tries to highlight the factors surrounding it.

Cryptocurrency remains popular among the masses because it is still a developing phenomenon. Various iterations of cryptocurrency emerge every now and then, signaling innovation and creating opportunities for investors simultaneously. 

Those who view cryptocurrency as a plausible avenue for investment are the ones who tend to perform better in the market.

On the other hand, some agree with a misconstrued notion of cryptocurrency. Among those who propagate this notion are influencers and various individuals on social media. This lot considers cryptocurrency to be a scheme to get instantly rich. This notion gives life to multiple misconceptions and steers people apart from what cryptocurrency actually is.

This is not to say that people have not had the opportunity to get rich with cryptocurrency trading, but most of these have been individuals who seized the opportunity at the right time. They invested in cryptocurrency when their market valuation was sizably low. On the other hand, if you look at live cryptocurrency prices these days, you will see how highly valued most of these currencies are.

So, in order to become a better investor, it is essential to understand cryptocurrency as it really is. 

This includes distinguishing between fact and fiction to get a clearer perspective about what you are getting into. As an investor, the biggest mistake you can make is getting into something you are not clear about.

Therefore, we have crafted this guide to help you out in this regard. This guide covers the fundamentals of cryptocurrency, especially the facts surrounding it, including the intricacies of crypto market making. We highly recommend that you pick up a pen and paper or open a blank document on your computer to start taking notes.

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1. Get acquainted with the currencies:

The first thing you need to do is explore how many currencies there are in the market currently. The list is long, so we suggest you spare yourself the hassle of getting into the details of every available currency. Instead, we recommend getting acquainted with the facts concerning the top 100 currencies. These include some of the most established names, such as Bitcoin and other promising contenders. This information can help you get a firm understanding of avenues for investment. If you look at the graphs of these currencies as well, you will be able to see which of these have been performing the best lately.

2. Explore the market:

This is somewhat related to the first point but deserves to be mentioned separately as exploring currencies and the market is not the same. When it comes to the market, you start looking at how these currencies have been performing. You do not merely look at the ups and downs of these currencies, but you see when it happened and how quickly these currencies gained back their lost value. This detail is crucial for understanding how the market operates. 

3. Follow current developments:

While looking at the market, staying up to date with current affairs is a must. You cannot understand the market unless you keep up with the news. Given that political decisions, especially those about policies, have a critical impact on the cryptocurrency market, you want to stay ahead of the curve. So, while you are looking at markets and following the news, you would be able to see how the patterns shown in the graphs relate to the things happening around you. For example, the recent cryptocurrency crash came about as the United States hiked the interest rate. These are the sort of developments you need to be aware of.

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4. Chose a reliable exchange:

Once you understand the various currencies in the market and have developed the ability to understand the patterns by shadowing the market, now is the time to invest. For this purpose, you need to opt for a good cryptocurrency exchange. Your foremost priority should be security and efficiency. The last thing you want is to conduct your transactions through a medium that is not secure enough. Considering that cryptocurrency is a digital asset that is not regulated through a centralized system, you would have a hard time ahead if you lose access to your wallet.

5. Create a diverse portfolio:

Once you pick a good cryptocurrency exchange, now is the time to start trading. Since you are already acquainted with the number of currencies in the market, you want to do this smartly. A good way to go about this is to have a diverse portfolio. This increases your chances of maximizing your profits and significantly cuts down on the risks you face. Of course, exceptional circumstances can thwart these measures, such as the entire market crashing simultaneously. One way of building a diverse portfolio is to blend it with established and promising currencies. So, for example, 20 percent of your portfolio can comprise established names such as Bitcoin, while the remaining 80 percent can be made up of emerging contenders.


Crypto trading for beginners can be an exciting and lucrative experience, but only if you know what to do. 

The tips mentioned above can help you get started with cryptocurrency trading. However, the last point needs further elaboration. If you are looking toward diversification of your portfolio, you do not necessarily have to stick to a rule of thumb, rather, you can make adjustments according to your own risk appetite.