How to utilize screenshot automation for various purposes?

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Written By Charlotte Miller

Screenshot automation enables you to capture the screenshot in bulk without doing it manually. You can take website screenshots at regular intervals; it could be hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, or any frequency.

Automated screenshots save time and could be a valuable system for any business or individual. In this article, we’ve discussed a few ways to utilize screenshot automation for various purposes.

How to utilize screenshot automation for various purposes? 

  • Tracking sponsored content of your brand.

Keeping track of sponsored content is vital for your brand. And automated screenshots make this process easier. As your brand grows, you publish more content and close more sponsored deals. 

In order to know how the sponsored content appears on the webpage, does it suit your brand style or is distracting the visitors in any way, take website screenshots at regular intervals.

These screenshots will also help future sponsor clients know how their content will look in real-time on your website and what to expect regarding results.

Reviewing the screenshots will give you insights into adjusting the ad space to limit distractions for the visitor and make your site more engaging while providing good visibility to advertisers.

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  • Get all the legal news in one place.

Law professionals must proactively stay updated with news, industry articles, and other professionals’ opinions. There are many online sources and news websites available that cater to the need. However, the law is a busy profession; one doesn’t have time to go through 20 different websites to get the information daily.

News websites create articles on a large scale and publish them multiple times a day. If a lawyer gets some free time on weekends and tries to look for the articles published 5 days ago, he will have to waste a lot of time as the article is buried under a ton of new information.

The solution to that problem is screenshot automation. Lawyers can make a list of websites they want to read articles from and add it to automated screenshots at daily intervals. So that, if they have time on Saturday, they’ll be able to read all the news of the week in one place.

  • Monitor amazon best sellers rank

If you’re a seller at amazon, you know how important product ranking is. Amazon has its own ranking system for every product. It is known as amazon’s best sellers rank (BSR).

This ranking system is crucial to determine your product’s performance. It is also helpful to compare your product’s position to competitors’ and make smart decisions.

Amazon’s bestseller is dynamic and fluctuates constantly. Therefore, it is essential to monitor the position of the product. Because when you rank better, you will make more sales.

You can track your products’ position through screenshot automation. Taking screenshots at regular intervals can give your a lot of insight into your amazon BSR. You can analyze your ranking history and know at what times your competitors take over you or at what times your product performed better.

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  • Tracking search engine results

Search engine optimization (SEO) is crucial for the website to make it visible to potential customers. While practicing SEO for the website, it is one’s goal to make the website rank better on search engine results pages. 

Screenshot automation will be helpful in your SEO journey. You can capture screenshots of the search results pages for keywords relevant to your website to know where they rank. Also, these screenshots will tell which competitors are ranking at the top for the same keywords as yours.

If you think some of your articles can get into featured snippets or the “people also ask” section of Google, you can capture those articles’ main keywords to know the status.

  • Tracking Image SEO for the brand

The interesting thing about image SEO is that this kind of web search revolves around visual content. Therefore, there are high chances that visitors will remember the brand with the images they see on its website. An average human can retain 10% of what they read but 30% of what they see.

And for that reason, one must track and pay attention to image SEO for their website.

Manually visiting all the result pages is tedious, but you can automate it through screenshot automation. 


In this article, we’ve covered only a few uses of screenshot automation, but there are more ways for its utilization. Screenshot automation can be used to track ad campaigns, monitor copyright infringements, see trends in a particular niche, save evidence of original content, etc.