Importance of Aptitude Test for Job Seekers

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The aptitude test aims to evaluate a candidate’s intelligence level to rate one’s cognitive abilities. Such tests involve multiple subtests which measure an applicant’s logical ability, numerical ability, and attention to detail. It may include intelligence tests such as spatial reasoning and motor skills. However, you may also find spoken and written English language proficiency tests in most aptitude tests.

These tests measure the ability of a person to learn new concepts, succeed in educational programs and do well in specific tasks. They are extensively used in entrance exams to offer admission to capable candidates in educational programs and as hiring tests for IT sector jobs. For example, an aptitude test can help to determine whether a person can learn programming quickly or do well at a banking job.

Evolution of Aptitude Tests

In Britain, an aptitude test was first adopted to select the most eligible candidates for Civil Services. Later on, other countries also started incorporating such tests, and soon it became a gold standard of standardized tests. Mensa was one such famous test that was introduced in England in 1946. Such tests aimed to ensure that the examination system was free from any biases and that the selection process of candidates was entirely meritocratic.

Importance of Aptitude Test

Aptitude tests are tests of general intelligence that rate one’s cognitive abilities. They comprise various subtests that measure one’s logical ability, numerical ability and attention to detail. They may also contain tests of multiple intelligences, such as spatial reasoning and motor skills. Many aptitude tests these days also include language proficiency tests such as those of spoken and written English. 

Such tests also help to measure the candidate’s ability to learn new concepts and perform well in exams and other essential tasks. Aptitude tests are widely used for admission into premier professional courses like GMAT, CAT, and GRE. Companies also use such tests to hire the most suitable candidates for IT sector jobs. Recruiters can use an aptitude test to determine whether a candidate is fit for a banking job. Such a test aims to discover the best talent whose IQ is in the top 2% of the population. 

Aptitude Tests are Crucial for Jobs

With rampant unemployment in India, there is much competition among candidates for a few advertised jobs. There are hundreds of applicants for every public or private sector, which makes it very tough for prospective employers. Moreover, it’s also difficult for a recruiter to identify ideal candidates merely based on a college mark sheet or a resume. 

Therefore, aptitude tests have become essential for employers to identify suitable candidates. It’s also useful for job seekers looking for an opportunity to demonstrate their skills to employers. Companies increasingly use aptitude tests to distinguish between excellent and average candidates. The score secured by an applicant in the quantitative or logical ability test could decide between getting an interview call or not. 

Of late, the Aptitude test has become a go-to tool for job seekers, and they must pay attention to its importance when preparing for and seeking jobs in the IT sector. Nowadays, it’s normal for a company to conduct aptitude tests for job applicants as part of its hiring process. However, it’s daunting for an average job seeker to sit through multiple aptitude tests. 

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How to find IT sector Jobs

The Information technology sector has experienced unprecedented growth in the last two decades. Therefore, the demand for fresh talent has reached an all-time high. The most iconic IT companies, like Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, and TCS, spend millions of dollars on research, development, recruitment, and discovering new technologies. IT sector jobs have become the most sought-after among fresh graduates and experienced IT professionals. 

As per the IBEF report, India has added more than 1.05 lakh jobs for IT professionals in the last financial year. So if you are looking for an entry-level IT job or an opening for an experienced IT professional, there are several job opportunities. However, you will also need some essential qualities and skills to improve your chances of securing prestigious IT sector jobs in India. Such skills help companies decide whether a candidate is ideal for an IT job.

Skills Required for Jobs in IT Sector

Aptitude test plays an essential role in the selection of IT sector jobs. However, the candidate also needs many other skills to get a job in an IT company. Ideally, they should search for new job openings on employment portals like, Monster India, AMCAT, LinkedIn, etc., and apply if there is a vacancy in the company. It would be best for an applicant to establish a robust professional network to get leads for upcoming IT sector jobs. If you just passed out from an engineering college, here are a few fresher jobs you can consider:

  • Consulting 
  • Training and Design
  • IoT solutions 
  • Deployment of Private/Public/Hybrid clouds