Important cycling gear you must have for a long ride.

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Written By Charlotte Miller

Are you in love with biking these days? Is it your new hobby, turning into a passion as you understand how thrilling it is to ride a bike through the roads, up steep hills, and more? Yes? Then you must be wondering about the correct gear for your biking trips. And you are not wrong because riding a bike can be dangerous without the proper safety gear, helmets, and more.

When you are new to biking, the research regarding biking gear and accessories is overwhelming. Thus, if you are wondering what gears to buy, here is a list of must-haves for your biking trip.

Cycling gear every bike rider should have.

Quality and sturdy Helmet

Using your bike for a road trip, work, or exercise requires wearing a helmet. Irrespective of the reason you are biking, safety should always be a priority. It means using a sturdy helmet for your ride. Remember:

  • It should be comfortable after wearing it. If you plan a bike trip or a hike through hills, you need a quality helmet that feels comfortable and lasts the entire journey.
  • Get your pillion rider a helmet too. If you are taking a pillion rider, their safety is in your hands too. Thus, always get a sturdy helmet for them too.

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Quality riding apparel like shorts

If your goal is to use the bike to exercise, ride for the whole day touring a city, or are a professional in training, invest in quality shorts. Riding shorts are unique among regular shorts as their design is such that it moves with you. Cycling clothing and apparel are specific to the biker’s needs, like the shorts, which ensure no rubbing and chafing.

Also, your shorts should have a pad to provide more cushion between the saddle and your backside. You can find multiple varieties of cycling shorts and other apparel, so commit to the one you are most comfortable with.

Cycling gloves

Another must-have accessory for a biker is gloves. They come in all shapes and sizes, so start looking and buy the best one. Bikers’ gloves are essential because they protect the riders’ hands in the event of an accident. Moreover, it reduces the chances of blisters and friction. The most important reason for wearing cycling gloves is that it helps protect the ulnar nerve. It is the nerve that runs through your palm. Cycling exerts immense pressure on the ulnar nerve, leading to numbness or pain in the fingers or hand. Thus, cycling gloves reduce the chances of damage to the ulnar nerve.

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GPS for bikes

For first-time bikers or riders who prefer long trips on their bike, get a GPS for your bike. Get anti-theft GPS devices for your bicycle. It will keep you from taking the wrong turn while saving your phone’s battery.

Multi-tool accessory for bikes

Whether you are cycling down a street to your office doesn’t matter. Or taking an unknown path toward a great trip—all roads are unpredictable. And you never know when a bolt from the bike’s frame is loose. Without fixing this, you can get into accidents.

Thus, a multi-tool accessory for bikes is something you always need. Unfortunately, the bulky multi-tool kit will not fit your bike. However, you can put a small, portable one in your saddlebag or shirt pocket. It should have all the tools to keep your bike ride smooth.

Premium bike locks

Don’t ride your bike to the grocery store unless you have bike locks. First, invest in a quality lock that can keep your bike from getting stolen. Once you have a lock, remember to lock the bike whenever you are in public.

Saddle bag for bike

Bikes cannot accommodate luggage as a car can. Thus, investing in a premium luggage bag is necessary. It will allow you to carry everything, like a phone, cash, documents, tools, a water bottle, snacks, and more, thus ensuring you can enjoy your ride.

Ensure you have all these biking must-haves. Then executing your long bike trip will be easy. Conduct thorough research to ensure you purchase the best accessories and gear that is both functional and reasonably priced.