Indoor Bike Racks You Must Have

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Written By Charlotte Miller

Whether you have one or many bikes stored at home, they take too much space, to be honest. We would usually keep them in our garage or storage rooms, but that place can be quite stuffy considering we put most of our stuff there. It does not only make it hard to store and get our bikes, but it is also a bit challenging to keep them safe and secure.


Good thing some innovations will help you store your bikes indoors. And here’s the catch, they do not take so much space! Store your bikes in the best way possible, even at home, with bike racks. We have listed some of the must-haves you should consider getting!

Dirza Wall Mount Bike Hanger

The first one we recommend is the Dirza Wall Mount Bike Hanger. This indoor bike rack is small compared to other racks, so that it wouldn’t stand out much indoors. As it should be mounted on the wall, you can just fold it up when it is not in use. This is a good option if you want to go minimal. It is simple yet very functional. The good thing about this bike hanger is that it saves a lot of space whether it is in use or not.

The Dirza bike hanger weighs 3 lbs and can carry bikes of up to 38 lbs. It can accommodate mountain bikes, road bikes, children’s bikes, etc. The arm hanger is designed with a soft rubber pad to protect it from paint damage.

If you want to store and display your bike at the same time, you should consider this bike rack.

WallMaster’s Bike Hooks System

Do you know that you can still save a lot of indoor space even though you have more than one bike? Having them stored in different parts of the house is actually not that functional, if you ask us. It’s always best to place them all in one space, but having them in one place would be too crowded. That is why you need this WallMaster’s Bike Hooks System, a vertical bike hook system that will help you orderly arrange and store your bikes. 

This bike rack storage system can handle heavy-duty bikes of all shapes and sizes. It is fixed with three hooks, and each hook can carry about 60 lb of weight. Its hooks on top are covered with rubber, and it ensures that your bike tires are safe and secured from scratches. It is very easy to mount your bikes vertically on the wall with this hook system. Your bikes are in place, and you save a lot of space!

Zero Gravity Racks Zero Gravity Bike Rack 

Placing your bike on the wall is a good option, but if you are not all for that idea, how about storing your bike on the ceiling? Yes, it is possible with the ground-breaking Zero Gravity Bike Rack. The rack will still be mounted on the wall, but the bike will be retained on the ceiling.

It is equipped with a patented gas strut system which helps boost and lower bikes, especially the heavy ones, with less effort. Although it is a ceiling bike rack, it’s easy to install and mount it. It will only take about 20 minutes to set it up. Plus, it gives solid support and can carry bikes up to 50 lbs.

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RaxGo Bike Freestanding Storage Rack

Some people might not like having things mounted either on the walls or ceiling, so we have another option for you to store your bike in the most functional and space-saving way.

This next bike storage is a freestanding bike rack that you can place in your garage or storage room. It can vertically suspend up to two bikes, and they are very portable, which means you can easily move the rack from room to room, area to area.  They are heavy-duty and have shock-resistant supports and braces, which makes them a very durable bike rack.

Despite being a freestanding bike rack, the support is strong and sturdy, so you do not have to worry about your bikes falling. They are very secure!

CyclingDeal 2-4 Bike Vertical Hanger

The last one on the list is similar to the previous one, but it can vertically suspend two to four bikes in one rack. This freestanding bike rack slash floor stand is secure and sturdy enough that it can carry approximately 55 lbs per bike. Another solution if you do not want to store your bikes on the floor, wall, or ceiling.

It is also portable, and the “Y” shaped base doesn’t consume too much space on the floor while being very stable. No doubt, your bikes are not going to fall despite being carried to the “air.”

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And that is it for indoor space-saving bike racks that are total game changers, especially if you have a handful of bikes stored at home. These innovative additions to your storage organizations will not only display your bikes well, but they also make sure to protect and secure them. They are stylish, efficient, and functional, a great level-up indeed!