Injured in a Seattle car accident: All important Washington laws explained

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A considerable number of traffic accidents in Seattle can be attributed to reckless action behind the wheel. If you were injured in such an accident, the first thing you must know is the fault-based system in Washington. Unlike a dozen other states, Washington laws make the at-fault driver responsible for the injuries and economic losses endured by others, including pedestrians. You may have a valid claim following the mishap, and you can check to get a free consultation on your case. In this post, we are sharing details about Washington laws worth knowing.

Washington is a pure comparative negligence state

The claimant-friendly laws in Washington make it possible for a driver to recover a settlement even with a fault share. In other words, if you were partly responsible for the accident, you can still sue the other party that shares the blame for the mishap. However, your settlement, if you win, will be adjusted proportionately. Let’s say your fault share is 80%, but you also suffered serious losses. In this case, you may recover a settlement but will only get 20% of the awarded amount. Each case is unique in many ways, and in your best interests, you may want to consider getting a review from a legal expert.

The deadline for car accident cases

If you want to sue a party for your injuries, you must file a lawsuit within three years from the date of the accident. Washington’s statute of limitations keeps the deadline of three years for all injury-related and vehicle damage lawsuits. The same deadline is also applicable for wrongful death claims.

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Take the right steps

Consider informing the local police about the car accident quickly, and if possible, stay at the scene. You may also want to check with an attorney about the other steps that can help recover a fair settlement. Do not post anything on social media; even when your injuries are minor, keep up with the treatment guidelines suggested by your healthcare provider. You also need to maintain a file of the expenses incurred from the car accident.

Final word

Get an attorney on your side to fight your car accident lawsuit. Insurance companies will not be honest with you, and unless you have a great lawyer, you may have difficulty recovering a settlement. Most lawyers will not ask for their fees until you win, which is the contingency charge – a norm for all injury lawsuits. 

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