Is Crypto Swaps Taxable In India? What Are Stock Splits?

The Hon’ble Finance Minister has announced one of revolutionary changes regarding Tax on the virtual asset class. The government officially termed digital assets with crypto assets based on the “Virtual Digital Assets.” 

Cryptocurrencies such as the Bitcoin, Ethereum, and many other digital assets that include the NFT or Non-Fungible Token are also included. Recently crypto tax states a 30% Tax rate will be charged from the crypto transactions such as the profit and loss. Virtual Digital Assets is about to be set with the Budget 2022 session.

Taxes On Cryptocurrency: 

Normally, the income from the transfer of any VDA or Virtual Digital Assets like NFT and crypto are also taxed at 30% in each financial year. There will be a deduction only when the cost of acquisition is allowed when reporting the income from the transfer of the digital assets. Loss from the digital assets could not be set off against other income. Losses incurred from a virtual digital asset could not be set off against income from another digital asset.

What Are Token Swaps?

Token Swap involves the unique process of crypto exchanging for another at a predetermined rate. Gifting of digital assets requires the tax payable in the hands of the receiver. Swaps would occur only with underlying the blockchain, and it supports the coins changed. Holders are required to take action to get access to the new token. Old tokens will be discarded, so you will be getting the new tokens replacing the old ones.

 Virtual Digital Assets:

Normally the crypto assets such as Bitcoin and Ethereum are called as decentralized assets so that they run with blockchain technology. Crypto space has been controversial as the anonymous person introduced the Bitcoins Whitepaper in 2009. Based on Section 206AB of the Income-Tax Act, 1961, when a person has not filed the Income Tax Return for the last 2 years, then the TDS of about Rs50000 will be changed.

TDS deducted for Crypto based transactions would be 5%; when you place the order before 1st July 2022 and trading executed after 1st July 2022, then the TDS would also be applied in the process. The decentralized nature of the crypto space has more than 18,000 Cryptocurrencies, and these are also called Altcoins.

What Is Token Swap Taxation?

In the modern day, no direct Tax code has been set for governing the token swaps. Most people like to know how crypto swaps are taxable. Based on the IRS, stock splits occur with the company creating additional shares. These would easily reduce prices per share. When you have the stock which is split, you can easily adjust the basis per share or even allocate the basis of the old shares to new and the old shares.


Coin swaps are quite tangibly different when compared to crypto-to-crypto trades. Coins traded will be discarded with the replacements. There are also some exchanges automatically handling the token swaps for users. These will be completely invisible to the user. Users have required the send the old tokens to receive the new or replaced with coins.