Is Online Running the New Internet Sensation?

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Written By Berry Mathew

The fitness world is taking a new twist with the advent of the app called Vingo. This new app is based on virtual reality and it is designed to bring the great outdoors to everyone who loves working out indoors. So, if you have a treadmill at your home, better dust it off and have it ready. You are going for an Online running adventure, starting today.

Virtual Running is as Entertaining as it is Engaging

The Vingo app is specifically designed as a VR platform for runners and even cyclists. People get online into the app everyday and go on online running trips to far off spaces, no matter where they might be from. This new form of work-outs is very entertaining for them, for their body is at the comfort of their home, while their mind is wandering through the virtual world sight-seeing beautiful sceneries.

You Get Fun & a Healthy Exercise

The app uses a lot of HD maps to give the user a very immersive experience. You can select from a range of locations within the app and jump into them through your smart device. As you start Indoor running, you will notice the scenery flowing beside you, giving you the sensation of changing scenery. You can select any location in the app, be it the icy snow caps of the Alps, or the scorching volcanoes of the pacific. Keep your mind engaged by giving it new and better sceneries every day.

Best Way to Spend Time When You’re Alone

The above, and all the other features inside the app makes it the best past-time for people, and especially introverts. You can jump into your treadmill when you feel low, or when you feel very brisk. You won’t need the company of people to use this Online running app, not that it is compulsory either. There are places where the app brought together people to communicate with each other while they worked out. They did so in online communities. There, people join based on their work-out preferences, competitions too.

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You Meet New People & Explore New Places

You can also meet a lot of new people within the app. Once you create your account and login into it, you can access all the maps inside. There, you can start running and in no time at all, you will find people running beside you. you can talk to them using voice chat, and even take a great look for yourself while you are at it. As for your looks, you can create your own avatar by using your selfie in the app.

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Enjoy Cycling as Much as You Enjoy Running

Besides running, you can use Vingo as an app for exercise bikes too. Instead of a treadmill, you can use a training bike and ride into the sunrise every morning. This ensures that you have a backup plan for your exercises when you feel tired of doing the same exercise again and again. So what is stopping you from getting on the new sensation?