Is The SMTP Server Worth The Hype?

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Written By Charlotte Miller

SMTP is the abbreviation for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. This is a hugely popular communication protocol that you can use to send and receive email messages online. Various transfer agents like MTAs and mail servers utilize SMTP for receiving, sending, and relaying mail messages. Emails have turned vital for everyone in the way they communicate, but people need to know what happens after they send emails. The process of sending emails has huge similarities to mailing physical letters as it comprises various steps, and an arranged system takes very good care of the envelope before it drops it to the recipient. Similar to emails, the SMTP server does its job as a post carrier.

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The similarities between SMTP servers and normal servers

Similar to other servers, a free SMTP server processes data for sending it to another server; however, it has a particular purpose to process data connected to the relaying and sending emails. SMTP servers do not need a machine all the time as they can be an application that runs in expectation of sending new emails.

Kinds of SMTP Servers

Various kinds of SMTP Servers are:

  • SMTP proxy server – Not every proxy server is purely on an SMTP server, as it requires another SMTP server to establish a connection. Additionally, it possesses the capability to alter content, monitor emails, and block undesired emails. Hence, a user can utilize a proxy server for inbound email delivery only.
  • Normal server – The server acknowledges and queues emails that need to be delivered. A normal server permits both outbound and inbound email delivery. It becomes important to specify the local domains that the server handles. When a person receives emails from a substitute domain, then it is redirected to the destination when relaying is permitted.

The difference between SMTP Server and SMTP Relay 

The job of the SMTP relay is to communicate the emails to the ideal SMTP server that comes from other servers. On the other hand, the SMTP server is a specific server that mail clients connect to for sending emails.

The importance of SMTP servers

Some factors that make SMTP servers important are:

  • Hinder illegitimate content – An SMTP server does the job of assessing both the recipient and sender of emails to determine whether or not the message is genuine. It can recognize malware or spam mail besides blocking the message.
  • Enable effective email – SMTP servers are a vital part of the process of emailing, and in their absence, users can’t receive or send emails.
  • Checks both the recipient and senders – The job of an SMTP server is assessing vital info for the process of emailing. Thus, it validates both the recipient and sender of the message.
  • Sends back the unsent messages – The SMTP servers do the job of sending back the unsent messages right to the sender. Additionally, it also conveys information about why.

The final thoughts

SMTP servers are not the only TCP/IP protocol that people can use for receiving and sending emails. When people use them, they get lots of benefits. In the process, they ensure that their bulk marketing emails have been delivered successfully to prevent messages from getting marked as spam.