Just Moved? 6 Tips To Decorate Your Home After Moving In

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Written By Charlotte Miller

Have you just moved to a new area? Starting in a brand-new place can be exciting! You have all sorts of possibilities opening up, perhaps with a developing career and intriguing spots to explore. 

Before you get into all that, the need of the hour is your new home! There are boxes to unpack, rooms to set up, and more. While some aspects of moving are fun, there are a lot of responsibilities to fulfill as well. This stage might be difficult, so it’s best to plan ahead. 

If you’ve moved to Rockwall, Texas, prepare for some weather-related inconveniences. The winters in Rockwell are cold and wet, with some serious gusts of wind. The summers, on the other hand, are quite hot and heavy. It’s a bit cloudy throughout the year, so that’s a bit of a relief. You may want to decorate and maybe even remodel your home accordingly, but not before getting the right storage for your excess items!

The climate in Rockwall, TX, means you and your family have to think about having proper storage. If you have a lot of belongings to stow away, there are two main options:

  • Investing in a lot of storage solutions in your new home
  • Getting decent storage units that are safe and easily accessible

While home prices in Rockwall, TX, may be going down, most people like to utilize their living space for everyday activities. Hence, it’s usually better to find the best storage units Rockwall TX offers. 

Once you’ve sorted your storage needs, it’s time to start decorating your new home! Not sure where to start? These tips will hopefully give you some inspiration:

Consider Some Furniture Changes

You might want to put that old, heavy furniture in storage and try some lighter options. Storage units can hold your old furniture until you sell it or find room for it. 

Your old furniture may also be an heirloom, so you may not want to let go of it yet. You may also want to purchase a larger home down the road, so the decision to store is logical. 

However, this is the perfect time to try new kinds of furniture. If you don’t want to buy a new set immediately, consider renting some prices to try them out. You can use options that match some aspects of your new home. For instance, you may get cane or bamboo chairs for an open floor plan. Such options allow you to move things around and change settings according to your requirements. 

Paint Before the Move

Painting your new home is an important step. If the previous owners or the landlord hasn’t given the place a new coat of paint, the task falls on you. 

If you move in before painting your new home, however, this task might be very difficult. You’re already displaced, with boxes full of stuff to unpack. You probably can’t put off unpacking for too long, so why not have a reputable company do the painting beforehand? 

Unless you enjoy painting, this task might be as stressful as moving itself. Here are some tips to help you get the paint coat right before moving: 

  • Go for neutral shades that will go with any decor or furniture. You can always paint an accent wall or get some wallpaper for more color if it feels right later on.
  • Pay a visit to the space first and be attentive to all the details before starting. Point out dark marks, nail holes, and rough spots that need special attention.
  • If you are painting the place yourself, make sure to watch some tutorial videos and properly prepare the walls before you start.

Keep it Natural

One mistake that many people make after moving is to get expensive, statement pieces for decoration. Even if they don’t buy anything, they might already have a large collection of items from their previous home. 

However, it would be best not to just focus on artificial and luxurious pieces. Give your home a refreshing vibe by going for natural options such as topiaries, plants, garden walls, window boxes, and so on. These are green ways of decorating that make the place your own and can also be useful. 

Opt for Sustainability

We’ve already mentioned that renting new furniture might be a good idea. You can also go with other sustainable ways of getting new furniture. 

For instance, if you want to purchase furniture for your new home, consider secondhand items. Sustainability means choosing something that is best for our environment. You may want to look on platforms like Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, or somewhere else for quality secondhand furniture. Some folks even leave perfectly good furniture on the curb when they don’t need or want it. 

As long as you have tested everything for bed bugs, termites, and other pests, the secondhand option might be suitable. You might even get some unique pieces that add character to your new home!

Highlight the Best Features

What do you like best about your new space? Think back to the point when you decided to rent or buy this home. You may have envisioned fun hangouts in the large living room or enjoying the balcony after a long day at work. 

Such features can be the perfect guiding point for decorating after moving in. Start bringing out these features and consider what will help you make the most of them. 

For instance, focus on making the balcony a comfortable, convenient spot for evening relaxation. Spread out an area rug, hang some string lights, and choose chairs, cushions, or some other seating for that place. 

If you love the staircase, consider hanging some beautiful wall art along the wall there. Go online for more inspiration and see how you can express your style while decorating. 

DIY with the Kids

Moving can be a stressful experience for kids, so a little DIY can help them relax. Plus, you’d be creating new memories for your new home. Don’t fret if the results aren’t perfect; they’d be a reminder of the obstacles you’ve overcome together. 


Every move is different, with each new home requiring some effort before it feels right. You have the practical tasks of unpacking and setting up, along with a lot of documentation. However, set aside some time to decorate the new place right after moving. It will help you settle in, have some fun, and maybe even make the home more convenient in the long run.