Keep Your Home Connected With AT&T Smart Home Manager

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Written By Juliet D'cruz

As compared to a decade or even a few years ago, smart home devices have developed quite a lot in more ways than one. On top, they have become an important part of our society for many obvious reasons, especially during and after the pandemic. Moreover, many smart home devices come in all shapes and sizes, including Smart TVs, smart security systems, smartphones, home pods, home appliances, and many more. All these and other smart devices make life easy, more manageable, and comfortable in all aspects you just need a fast internet service to use smart home device. 

However, the more devices you get for your home, although the work will get convenient, managing them will also become harder and harder. And this is where AT&T’s smart home manager comes in. All you need to have is internet via the AT&T wireless service

Benefits of AT&T Smart Home Manager

With AT&T’s smart home manager, you can bring all your smart devices under one umbrella. This makes it easier to manage all your smart devices easily. Other than that, it offers the following benefits: 

Parental Controls

The first major benefit of AT&T smart home manager is parental controls. With this feature, you can easily control the online working and functionality of devices on your network. It is highly beneficial for homes with children as parents or guardians can easily keep an eye on their children. Using this, they can prevent their kids from watching inappropriate content or getting into trouble. Also, it can help limit their screen time and assist them in evenly balancing their studies and entertainment.    

Wi-Fi Connection

The next benefit of the AT&T smart home manager is that you can easily manage your in-home Wi-Fi network. You can change the name and password, set up guest networks, see devices on your network, or share the connection. Also, it helps keep your wireless network secure and easily manageable.  

Network Management

At the end of the day, the internet is also a technology and can run into issues or downtimes. It can be frustrating but certainly not hard to manage when you have the AT&T smart home manager app. You can easily access all the network controls from the Network option present on the home page. There, you can run a speed test, review your internet status, and figure out any problems or glitches below the surface. You can also run diagnostic tests or troubleshoot your network to improve its performance.

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Connections Optimization

At times, a lot of connections can affect the performance of a network. However, with AT&T smart home manager app, you can easily manage the networks on your connection. It can provide you with a list of connections and also configure them. Moreover, you can pause the connection for a certain device to fix any lags or slow performance. This feature is very helpful in managing Wi-Fi networks as they can get pretty slow due to shared bandwidth. So, with proper optimization, you can get the speed back up to its full capacity.  

Gateway Reboot

It can get hard to work with gateway-related issues, especially if you are not a tech-savvy person. However, with AT&T smart home manager app, you can easily do so with just a few taps and clicks. For example, you can refresh your network with a single click by using the gateway reboot feature present inside the app. It helps bring the speed back up in case you are experiencing a performance drop on your network or connected devices. All you have to do is head over to the Network menu and hit restart.

Final Takeaway

AT&T smart home manager app is easy to learn and understand. It provides various helpful features. You can easily take control of your home, manage screen time, track your device’s data usage, invite people, or test your network. Moreover, everything is secure with the help of AT&T ActiveArmor security which provides VPN at home, a threat activity menu, ID monitoring, and advanced controls. Finally, you can get instant help, recommendations, and quick solutions anytime with the help of AT&T customer service 24/7

For better management and integration, it is best to get AT&T smart home devices which will make the process more seamless and better performing. 

We are living in a digital age where technology is growing in every which way, and that too at a significant rate. Smart home devices are more in reach than ever before, and with smart solutions like AT&T smart home manager, things get easy, fast, and much more reliable throughout the house.