Learn More About The Steps To Getting A Mental Health Coach Certification

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Written By Charlotte Miller

Unlike mental health counseling, mental health coaching aims to provide non-clinical wellness support, which fosters self-realization. Clients who need clinical guidance are not to receive mental health coaching as a substitute for clinical services. Mental health coaching focuses on emotional states that are not meant for non-clinical counselors.

Using advanced modalities, clients are guided through emotional transformation to achieve self-realization and improved mental health. For those seeking non-clinical mental health, mental health coaching is a promising solution for achieving breakthroughs in self-discovery and self-improvement. By working with a coach directly, you can learn to access deeper parts of yourself that improve your behavior and thinking patterns. 

If you’re ready to advance your career in wellness, look no further than getting your certification. With online training and support staff available, nothing stands in your way of reaching your goals. For more information on getting your mental health coach certification, continue reading below to learn more.

Mental Health Coach Certification 

With life coaching becoming mainstream, mental health coach certification is a necessary training to have under your belt. There are many coaching opportunities that teach clients how to reach their wellness goals using step-by-step processes. Specifically, mental health coaches look at the obstacles that prevent an individual from living their best life. Coaches are not trained to treat or diagnose persons with mental health concerns. 

The Inner Dynamic Model 

To receive your mental health coach certification, you must complete the Inner Dynamic model, known as “depth coaching.” During training, you’ll learn about yourself to guide clients through the same transformative process later on. Inner dynamics refer to how you relate to your personality and the world and how these understandings influence thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. 

The Learning Tracks 

Mental health coach training explores the parts of the self so that the core self can be revealed and honored moving forward. The track consists of four key trainings, as follows: 

  • NLP-Integrated Life Coach Training
  • ICF Coach Mentoring
  • Master Coach Training
  • Mental Health Coach Training 

Here is a breakdown of what to expect: 

  1. Complete NLP-Integrated Life Coach Training
  2. Start ICF Coach Mentoring 
  3. Start Master Coach Training
  4. Start Mental Health Coach Training Cohort 

You’ll have a variety of obligations and tasks to complete each week that make up the 10-week, 242-hour mental health coach certification program. 174 hours belong to the NLP-Integrated Life Coach Training, 10 go to the ICF Coaching Mentoring, 22 toward the Master Coach Training (MHC), and 40 to the MHC Training Cohort.  

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Prerequisites To Complete 

You must complete the following prerequisites before starting the MHC Cohort:  

  • Be enrolled in the Mental Health Coach Certification Track
  • Finish the NLP-Integrated Life Coach Training 

Helping Clients Lead Better Lives 

Once you’ve achieved your certification, you’ll have the tools to help clients learn to relax under stress, discover their true selves, stop self-sabotaging behaviors, and encourage personal growth. Get started on your coaching journey today and sign up for your mental health coach certification programs.