Looking for part-time jobs in Leeds as a student? Here are 7 best options for you

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Written By Berry Mathew

For many students studying in Leeds, UK, part-time work is essential to their university experience. While pursuing their academic goals, students often need to supplement their income to cover living costs and education. Part-time jobs can provide an opportunity for students to gain work experience, develop new skills, and meet new people, all while earning some extra cash. Whether to pay off student loans or academic fees or to make the most of their leisure time, part-time jobs offer a practical solution for students to earn extra income. Part-time jobs allow a student to gain work experience, strong communication skills, and the inspiration to grow and excel in his career. 

Here is a list of some part-time jobs best suited for students :

1) Tutor:

 As a student, if you suffer from low self-esteem and lack confidence, you get the chance to boost your subject knowledge and raise your confidence by teaching someone. A tutor can improve his student academically while enriching his mind with knowledge and enthusiasm and building his character.

There are no certain criteria to teach someone. Any student with in-depth knowledge in a particular domain can opt to teach and earn sufficient money.

2) Data Entry:

Data entry involves entering through various data processing programs into different data collections. This is an admirable job for a student in the corporate domain. Nowadays, almost every business requires data entry to interpret the data. Therefore, a student can gain experience and build a strong business vision by doing data entry part-time while being a student. 

Data entry jobs in Leeds are open to all kinds of students. High school diploma holders and graduates are eligible to apply. Candidates having computer software training certificates are mainly preferred for this job.

Working experience with top companies like Amazon, Infosys, etc. allows a student to develop ideas smartly and raise a scope to excel in the field of the IT sector.

The salary range of this job is nearly £11.00 – £11.50 per hour.

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3) Waiter:

This job allows a student to interact with unknown people. Therefore, any student suffering from social anxiety gets a chance to overcome nervousness and build good social skills and the ability to interact with random people.

If you have good communication skills, this is the job for you. This job doesn’t require any certified qualification. 

The average salary for waiter jobs in Leeds is about £19,022 yearly.

4) Kitchen Staff:

A student who is passionate about cooking, dreams of being a professional cook, and wants to open a restaurant gets the chance to learn all the tricks and tactics and clear strategy for his startup.

Any student with good cooking skills who knows food safety and hygiene is preferred for this job.

The average salary for a Kitchen Staff job is nearly £9.98 per hour. 

5) Bar staff:

Bar staff is a part-time job option for students that allows them to interact with people and learn multiple responsibilities simultaneously. To be successful in this role, students should have good communication skills and a friendly attitude. The job doesn’t require any specific qualifications, but students must meet the minimum age requirements of the bar they are applying for. Salaries for this job can vary based on different factors. However, the average salary of bar staff is around £9.37 per hour.

6) Retail Work:

Working in the retail sector can help students understand how to successfully grow a business. In addition, this job provides valuable experience and knowledge on how to promote products effectively, both online and offline. 

The qualification for this job also depends on the specific roles and the company. Students holding a high school diploma or equivalent graduation degree are eligible for this job. Students with good marketing knowledge are preferred.

The average salary for this job is nearly £29,000 per year in Leeds.

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7) Freelancing: 

Freelancing is a popular part-time job option for students in Leeds who want to earn extra money while also gaining valuable experience in the digital world. With a wide range of options available, such as content writing, web designing, editing, and graphic designing, students can choose a freelancing job that matches their skills and interests. Unlike many other part-time jobs, freelancing offers complete flexibility, allowing students to work whenever they have free time. ‘

Thus it’s evident that part-time jobs offer an excellent opportunity for students to earn extra money while studying in Leeds. With a wide range of job options available, students can choose work that suits their schedule and interests. In addition, part-time jobs provide financial support and help students develop valuable skills, gain work experience, and expand their network.