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Fundamentally, VC firms or Venture Capital firms invest in businesses that have the potential to become big and deliver good returns in a short span of time. Although venture capital firms don’t, as is commonly thought, seize a company’s control, they become co-partners with all the rights and obligations that go with it. In addition to providing money, venture capital firms usually provide industry expertise and management know-how to the company they invest in. In this article, you will discover the lists of top VC firms

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Top venture capital firms

  • Blume Ventures invests in tech-driven, tech-enabled businesses. They prefer to co-invest with like-minded angel and seed funds. They provide follow-on funding to their successful portfolio companies as a result. They invest in tech-led ventures headed by entrepreneurs who are passionate about solving difficult problems, specific to Indian Market, and changing the country. They want to be the leading platform for sourcing, funding, nurturing, and developing the best Indian startups—helping them ‘Blume’!
  • YourNest, a venture capital fund, was launched by Girish Shivani in August 2011. The fund invests in Early-Stage technology companies and is focused on ensuring that the growth trajectory of its investees is sustainable. The fund is currently focused on seed and A-stage companies to mitigate risk and secure a strong growth trajectory. YourNest is backed by a strong team of entrepreneurs, venture capitalists in India, mentors, and advisors. YourNest seeks to identify, nurture and offer growth capital support to entrepreneurs who have built their businesses.
  • Nexus Ventures was founded in 2006 to provide capital for consumer products and service companies with a consumer-first approach. The firm’s current portfolio includes big names such as Unacademy, Zomato, OLX, Rapido, etc. Nexus is a venture capital firm that seeks to invest in IT, e-commerce, and more. The VC in India invests in businesses in technology, e-commerce, information technology, and more. 
  • Venture Highway is designed to help accelerate the growth of tech startups from the initial idea to the marketplace, with the ultimate goal of building a viable company that can sustain its operations and bring in new customers. They also help entrepreneurs learn and grow through entrepreneurship boot camps to help entrepreneurs become more successful. If you’ve got an excellent idea for a startup but don’t know where to start or how to reach decision-makers, then this is the right place for you.
  • Axilor Ventures is based in Bangalore. Established in 2014, Axilor Ventures is India’s first venture fund focused on digital media and technology startups. The team has significant experience in multiple startup ecosystems, including funding, operations, M&A, incubation, and growth. The goal is to make venture capital accessible to entrepreneurs who don’t have access to traditional capital resources. Because they believe that funding doesn’t change a startup, they offer early capital at founder-friendly terms.
  • Zodius was founded in 2011 by Neeraj Bhargava. They offer business advisory, growth, and M&A services to companies at all life stages: pre-seed to growth, scaling up and going public. With over 10+ years of experience in assisting entrepreneurs and companies pursue their business vision, they are well positioned to help their clients navigate the complex ecosystem of India’s startup ecosystem. The team is committed to providing a world-class service personalized to each client’s specific needs. They offer a unique perspective to understand an entrepreneur’s story and design a winning strategy to help create a strong, sustainable business.
  • Qualcomm Ventures is one of the most successful tech startup venture capital companies in the United States and one of the most active in the world supported by top venture capitalists in the world. The firm works closely with its portfolio companies to provide capital, advice, networking, and access to partners who can accelerate business success. The firm was founded in 2000 and invested in over 150 companies. The group focuses on developing long-term relationships with founders and teams in the mobile technology ecosystem.

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Summary – Not all businesses need VC funds to grow. For D2C/Ecommerce brands who need working capital, revenue-based financing is a better route. Velocity is a leading revenue-based financing company that offers non-dilutive funds to eCommerce businesses and D2C brands (with fixed steady monthly sales). Since it is backed by a robust network of financial institutions and investors, Velocity can help eCommerce businesses raise loan amounts up to 4 Crores within a week. The loan amount will be directly related to the revenue generated by your sales.