Massage Vs. Saunders Lumbar Traction for Chronic Back Pain – Which is Better

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Written By Charlotte Miller

Lower back pain is the most common ailment in modern society and can deny you peace of mind. Having trouble standing and walking is not an excellent experience to endure. However, you can remedy this problem by getting a long-lasting solution without going through surgery.

Saunders lumbar traction device therapy mainly facilitates the patient’s improvement in pain and return to a prior level of function. The device delivers a 200lbs force to safely and effectively traction, stretching to the lower back lumbar region. The device is user-friendly and cost-effective. Here are reasons to choose it for chronic back pain over massage.

The device provides a therapeutic force

The Saunder lumbar traction provides therapeutic forces of up to 200lbs and relieves pressure valves that limit the maximum safe force level. To separate, a minimum force of up to 40-50% of the patient’s body weight on a friction-free surface is necessary. Adequate separation is needed to gain a decompression effect. The blow-off valve limits the amount of force that requires an application to relieve pressure on the lower back. Reach out to Source Ortho if you’re looking for a Saunders lumbar traction to buy online.

The device has a split treatment surface that moves to impart the tractive force. The device is made with the patients in mind and ensures they get the prescribed force with a friction-free surface—a safe, proven alternative to surgery for some patients.

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It offers various options for patient positioning

It allows patients to easily position themselves to the lumbar curve at any angle of flexion. While lying on your back with pillows under the knees can enhance flexion, you’ll have to remove the cushions for neutral or slight extension positioning. 

You can get more extension positions by rolling towels and placing them under the pelvic belt. Since the device’s lower half of the treatment surface moves and provides the pulling force, it’s possible to achieve that. The friction-free surface allows smooth movement.

The device provides the best home traction technique and safe treatment

Its unique features replicate clinical traction that enhances home treatment that’s specially designed to adhere to the time-tested principles. The device is a cost-effective and easy-to-use option for continuous clinical care. It has a user-friendly gauge that gives accurate prescription and implementation of the health care instructions.

The actively moving treatment surface ensures the efficient application of traction. The patented pneumatic system provides leak-free performance; the portable treatment option increases patient satisfaction and compliance. It saves on clinic visits and helps in managing chronic conditions.

Using an infrared mat can further assist with healing and recovery.

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Massage Pros and Cons

Massaging helps reduce inflammation, pushes fluid out of the muscle and into the circulatory system, breaks up scar tissues, loosens muscles to improve range of motion, flexibility, and power output. When the body is fatigued through extensive activities, it breaks down to microscopic levels and mini tears; then, the mini tears eventually heal. However, you can’t solve chronic back pains with deep tissue massage.

In conclusion, Saunders lumbar traction is a better option when taking care of chronic back pain issues, and massage works well when you have to recover from extensive exercise.