Match Your Home Style With Your Decorating Style

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Written By Berry Mathew

Just like your wardrobe, the decor in your home should reflect who you are.

A mismatch of styles in your home not only looks unflattering, but it may also give off an unrefined vibe.

Acing your decorating style is easier than you may think, and this makes shopping for decor a much smoother process!

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Traditional decor is one of the most beloved interior design styles. Its ornate pieces bring a touch of grandeur to any room, and you can easily achieve this look in your own home!

Traditional homes typically incorporate neutral tones like cream, white and beige. You may also spot rich wood finishes in traditional spaces like dark stains or even polished surfaces.

Symmetry is another key aspect of traditional design, as rooms often feature symmetrical furniture arrangements. Examples include matching sofas across from one another or twin nightstands on either side of a bed.


If you’re thinking about renovating or just freshening up your home, take time to match your interior style with what you plan on decorating.

Modern homes are distinguished by a minimalistic aesthetic and thoughtful decor that says more with less. They remove any unnecessary ornamentation or decorations to emphasize simplicity, intentional asymmetry, and clean lines.

Bring this design style into your home by painting walls in light shades such as white, gray or cream; then accent with wood accents and natural fabrics for texture.

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For a decorating style that seamlessly combines both modern and rustic elements, industrial is your answer. Whether you’re creating a new home or renovating an existing one, this look can be easily implemented and tailored to fit any space.

This style emphasizes exposing the room’s structural core, leaving walls unadorned and adding functional features instead of decorative ones. Exposed brick, pipes and ducts are all great ways to bring this aesthetic into your space.

This style emphasizes functionality and versatility, featuring materials like metal, timber, glazed brick tiles and reclaimed wood. When combined with a neutral color palette, this aesthetic creates an airy and characterful atmosphere – especially in open plan schemes.


Expressing yourself through decorating can be a wonderful way to express yourself. But it’s essential that you select the correct decor styles so that your home stands out among others.

Today, one of the most sought-after decorating styles is Grandmillennial, which blends old school elements with contemporary ones to create a sophisticated and comfortable aesthetic. This design works best in older homes that still feature original details like crown molding or pocket doors.

The trend embraces a range of fabrics and textures. Ruffles, pleats and fringe are popular embellishments on curtains, upholstery and wall coverings; heirloom furniture made from dark stained woods as well as contemporary art are other essential components to achieve the grandmillennial aesthetic.

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Home exteriors that don’t reflect your personal style can be disconcerting and overwhelming. That is why it is essential to coordinate both exterior and interior design elements when decorating your house.

Eclectic interior design style refers to combining two or more decor styles for an eclectic, collected aesthetic. This can be ideal for those who don’t have a favorite design aesthetic but still want to decorate their homes in an attractive manner.

The word “eclectic” derives from the Greek eklektikos, meaning “selective.” Originally, it referred to philosophers who weren’t committed to any one philosophy system but instead chose from each one they found pleasing. Over time, however, it has come to refer more generally to individuals with multiple interests who seek ways of bringing them together in harmony.