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Written By Berry Mathew

In case you didn’t know, Matador Meggings is the niche athleisure brand behind the popularity of meggings (or men’s leggings) in men’s fashion today. For decades, men’s fashion has been stuck to old design ideas while the women’s clothing industry kept making leaps and bounds with time. So, in 2019, Matador Meggings was conceived as a brand out of the sheer need for men’s fitness wear in the market that not only serves athletic purposes but is reflective of the personality who wears them – be it with colors, length, or design preferences.

How To Pair Tops & Bottoms

Matching athletic wear is a new trend that is being adopted by the masses more and more. Matador Meggings offers you a line of products with more than a dozen options for every product category so that you don’t run out of options to get your perfect look. Once you empower people with choices, they are happier and get aligned with their being.

It’s a matter of taste and personality of course but pairing black tank tops with black meggings and shorts is a classic look people are going for. Be it workout wear or something to put on before hitting that terrace-top party, you can never go wrong with black when you’re unsure about the dress code.

Camo-printed tops with camo or black leggings and shorts are becoming a staple too for those who are outgoing and love to connect with nature amidst their busy schedules. If you’re into trekking, hiking or rock climbing, this can be the look for you this fall.

Pairing contrasting colors for tops and compression pants is also the look to go for if you like keeping a low profile. Blue with gray/marble and gray with black is pretty popular among customers.

For the ones with an artistic bent who like experimenting, there are abundant options with bold colors that they can pair with solid-colored leggings and the party can begin right away.

If it’s a social event and you are someone who likes attention, imaginative prints like granite, ocean, marble, sky, and limbo can be paired with an equally bold print for guaranteed eyeballs or you can let the top print shine with meggings of a toned down color to support it.

Blue, ocean, or white tops paired with shorts work every time there’s a beach party or a poolside hangout.

You can even pair butterfly and rainbow prints with black if that reflects your mood.

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The Philosophy Behind The Brand

The brand was envisioned with the image of a matador or bullfighter as the inspiration. Exactly the way hyper-masculine bullfighters back in the day wore body-hugging pants without worrying about society’s gaze, the company wishes to encourage men of all body types today to have the freedom to wear what they feel suits them the best.  

There are two core guiding principles that motivated Valentine Aseyo to start Matador Meggings in 2019. One is the concept of choice and another is moving past old ideas through excellence in innovation. The stigma for men about wearing body-hugging clothes is a matter of conventional perception indeed but the concerns of modesty also play a role, according to the founder.

The most unique element of Matador Meggings is that they have equipped their products with a modesty cup. It’s a soft molded pad to hide your groin area – a saving grace for men who are conscious about their bodies in public spaces. This is something that didn’t exist in men’s fashion. The more important part is the easy removability of the pad. If someone is comfortable in their own skin and wants to flaunt their body, it’s their choice whether to put on the pad or not.

The engineering and technology behind their products have efficiency, longevity, and inclusivity as their top priorities. Only with excellence in innovation can centuries-old perceptions be changed about masculinity is what Matador Meggings believes in.   

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Variety Of Offerings:

Meggings – these are their specialty and what their journey as a brand started with. These compression pants are meant for high-performance activities and are perfect for your gym, your next camping trip, or your next roller skating competition. You can wear them as a casual wear too because pants made for athletes are more durable than regular workout tights and you don’t have to look bored always.

Tops – arrow, gray camo, black thunder, and marble are popular tank top choices for dark meggings and shorts. There are white, rainbow, ash blue, and navy blue moisture-wicking t-shirt and tank tops as well in their catalog.  

Shorts – from the black, navy, and red shorts to quirky prints like limbo, rainbow, oyster, and triangle designs, it’s yours to choose from. Gray, ocean, and camo shorts were top sellers this past summer.

Bike gear – they have arrow leggings and shorts for bike enthusiasts who are very outgoing and have added a water bottle to their catalog. They have classic black biker meggings and shorts along with gray camo and navy blue shorts as second favorite options for riders.


For many who are new to meggings, arrow designs have opened doors to experimentation. For others, it has been a gift of multipurpose clothing that they can wear both during workouts and as casual wear. Black/gray shorts with matching tank tops is another look that has seen popularity this fall among men across all age groups.

Limbo, camo, and marble print meggings and shorts with wild and vibrant options have also captured people’s attention this year and continue to be best sellers during the festive season. 


Matador Meggings believes that every human being is different and hence, knows that the importance of choice is crucial for leggings to be adopted as casual wear. They want to give you so many options that you choose a look unique to your personality. In some sense, you set the trends. With new designs released every quarter, they intend to encourage more men to experiment with their clothing without compromising on functionality. Even if matching fitness wear never became a gym trend, Matador Meggings is surely paving the way for newer trends in the future.