MomMed S21 Breast Pump: Electric and Wireless, Hands-Free Pumping

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Written By Berry Mathew

Breastfeeding is a natural need for both newborns and moms. This approach is reliable and ensures that growth hormone production is measured. The woman will feel contentment and happiness. As a result of these hormones, when a mother breastfeeds, she gets a lot of joy from the experience and her contact with her baby. Most mothers now utilize a Wearable Breast Pump. Because we place a premium on quality, our breast pump is one of the best products to make your life easier.


  • With the mommed s21 double wearable breast pump Newly Upgraded hands-free breast pump, you can say goodbye to old-fashioned breast pumps and welcome a more comfortable and efficient way to pump. No more fretting about not having enough breast milk or enduring painful pumping sessions.
  • At MomMed, we recognize that the safety and health of your infant are your top concerns. Therefore, we strive to provide mothers with the finest possible experience.
  • With the newly upgraded MomMed S21 Breast Produce, you can produce more efficiently and in less time while pumping without using your hands. Our website contains everything, saves mothers even more time, and enables them to breastfeed anywhere. You can rely on MomMed to provide the care and security you and your child deserve.

Innovative Design.

Our hands-free breast pump and discrete design allow you to pump milk while multitasking and moving.

The comfortable fit is ideal for donning under clothing, and the adjustable suction levels allow for individualized pumping. In addition, it is rechargeable and has a silent motor for portability.

What should you look for in a MomMed breast pump?

The MomMed breast pump is designed to be lightweight, comfortable, compact, and portable, making it simple to use on the go. The plush and flexible breast cups provide a natural fit and reduce discomfort, making pumping more enjoyable.

Overall, this MomMed breast pump offers a convenient and efficient way to express breast milk. It is ideal for nursing mothers who are pressed for time and desire a comfortable and straightforward option.

Breast problems?

Wearable breast pumps stimulate the milk ducts, collect milk, and properly empty the breasts. This helps women boost their milk supply and saves them time. In addition, they ease breast difficulties such as blocked milk ducts, which makes nursing more comfortable and easy to perform.


Operation Mode Electric
Special Feature Hands-free, Low Noise, Painless, Portable, Wearable
Material Silicone
Power Source Electric


  • Upgraded wearable MomMed breast pump with three different pumping modes and twelve different pressure settings for more effective and comfortable milk production
  • Anti-leak design that features a closed system and an all-in-one layout for convenience in terms of both hygiene and cleaning
  • Ergonomically sound and lightweight construction for use that is both comfortable and covert.
  • LCD screen and tactile buttons make for a user interface that is both convenient and quiet.
  • It comes with additional replacement components for regular pumping, provides other buying options, and has compatible accessories in various sizes.
  • The ergonomically designed, semicircular body of the mommed pump S21 portable breast pump makes it undetectable when wearing a bra. In addition, the pump is considerably lighter than its predecessors. You can pump while feeding your infant, driving, working, visiting friends, or dining out with this wireless, lightweight, and cost-effective portable pump weighing less than one pound. It enables you to complete all necessary tasks without circulation interfering with your activities.

Notes: The MomMed S21 breast pump comes with a silicone breast shield that measures 27mm and a flange insert that measures 24mm. They are included in the shipment you received and can be found there.

By visiting the MomMed Amazon Store, you can find a more extensive assortment of accessories in various sizes. If you require alternative measures or parts, click here.

Cleaning & Maintenance.

  • It is necessary to clean your Milk Collector after every use thoroughly.
  • To completely sterilize and clean the product, we strongly advise using a steam sterilization device or placing it in water and boiling it for approximately two to three minutes.
  • Sterile tablets and other products that include bleach should be avoided because they could potentially ruin the effect.
  • Do not use UV sterilizers when cleaning this product because doing so may reduce the product’s shelf life.

How does the breast pump dispense breast milk?

  • When you are ready, please carefully remove the breast pump from the breast. 
  • Remove the motor from the breast pump and ensure that it is in the upright position. 
  • While pouring breast milk into a bottle or storage bag, keep the breast milk collector in your hand.


Effective for the production of milk.

There is good suction present.

Simple to sanitize.

A double MomMed breast pump that can be worn comfortably.


Hands-free and discreet.


Decrease in vacuum pressure over time.


Can I pump on one side while breastfeeding on the other?

Yes. Because the Momed wearable breast pump is an all-in-one device, no additional cables, tubing, or bottles could get in the way. This indicates that you can continue breastfeeding your child while pumping.

How do I disassemble a breast pump?

  1. Take the motor off the rest of the pump and set it aside.
  2. Remove the lip that is attached to the milk collector.
  3. Separate the milk bottle and the linker from one another.
  4. Take the linker and its parts apart.