Most Common FAQs About Engagement Rings Answered

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Written By Charlotte Miller

It’s natural for people to take longer to mull over questions when they expect to live with their decisions for years. If there’s anything that’s meant to last forever, engagement rings are at the top of the list.

Most people probably wouldn’t buy an engagement ring on a whim, but there are more factors to consider than you may at first think. Please read on to learn more about engagement rings.

What Are the Parts of an Engagement Ring?

You may think that there is simply one thing called an engagement ring. However, engagement rings have different parts, and understanding their anatomy will help you zero in on what you want.

The “shank” is another word for the band itself. Bands come in different metals and with different embellishments. Traditionally, they consist of one single band, but getting a multi-strand band can make a statement.

The “setting” refers to the pattern or arrangement of stones mounted on the band. Diamonds, or other stones, can be raised or recessed which can impact the overall profile of the ring and its ability to interlock with a future wedding band.

Centre Stone Considerations

Diamonds have captured the engagement ring market, and while natural or lab-grown diamonds are definitely the most popular choice, there are others. If you want something alternative, choose a different material and buck the trend.

Otherwise, you’ll want to consider the traditional four Cs: carat, cut, colour, and clarity. Carat refers to the diamond’s physical weight or size. Cut indicates its brilliance, polish and symmetry. Colour is straightforward, while clarity corresponds to the visibility of inclusions (or imperfections),which usually appear under different levels of magnification.

The hardness of the stone is also very important, as the ring is meant to last forever and should be able to withstand daily wear and tear. A rating of 8 or over on what’s known as the “Mohs scale” is usually a reliable, strong stone.

The cut of your stone can impact its hardness rating, as sometimes the corners sticking out can get caught on things or chip away. Even factors like exposure to sunlight can affect the durability of stones like amethyst.

Investigate how hard the stone is before making your decision, as it’s not a straightforward question. Getting a custom engagement ring from leaders like Alexis Gallery makes this easy, as they’ll have comprehensive answers to all your questions. Even ones you may not think to ask.


The budget you’re working with may dictate your options. Engagement rings can be many thousands of dollars, and most people can’t afford to even consider buying one at the highest end of the spectrum.

Don’t feel bad or succumb to pressure to buy something beyond your means! The engagement ring you get needs to be right for you and your partner.

Custom or Off the Shelf?

Everybody wants the engagement ring they buy to make a statement. Some people want a large, flashy ring that sparkles brilliantly from a mile away. Some want understated elegance, while many want something in between.

You can walk into a store and inspect what they have on the shelf, but there’s also a world of custom engagement rings, unique offerings customized to fit your partner’s finger and style.

Engagement rings are highly symbolic, but they’re also about the only thing you’ll wear every single day of your life. Consider the above factors before making your choice.