Most Significant SEO Challenges Facing Digital Marketers — and What to Do About Them

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Written By Charlotte Miller


Search engine optimization is an essential component of any viable digital marketing strategy — yet, SEO is notoriously difficult. Digital marketers face a bevy of challenges in trying to manage SEO services for client, such as:

Constant Changes to Search Engine Algorithms

Technology is constantly improving, and the same goes for search engines, which are working tirelessly to deliver the best possible services to web users. Unfortunately, that improvement means that search engine algorithms experience frequent updates, which can have profound ramifications on SEO strategy. Some search engines change their algorithms as frequently as once per week, and SEO providers need to be aware of these changes and able to pivot their practices accordingly.

The Advent of Artificial Intelligence

We are living at the dawn of the AI revolution, and the release of highly capable generative AI programs threatens the future of web search as we know it. Already, many web users are turning to AI chatbots instead of traditional search engines to receive information — though even AI developers admit that their platforms are not yet fully trustworthy. SEO providers need to be prepared for how AI could further disrupt web search and develop new strategies to keep clients visible to web users.

Frustratingly Slow Progress Toward SEO Goals

SEO is not the fastest digital marketing technique. To shift up the search results page, it can take months if not years of diligent effort, and many clients are not patient enough to see the project to its satisfying conclusion. SEO providers need to be able to set expectations about SEO timelines and placate clients when they become antsy about achieving their goals.

The Necessity of Balance in SEO Efforts

There are many efforts involved in good SEO, and all of them are essential to achieving a client’s goals of better search engine rankings. Putting too much effort into one aspect of SEO is almost certain to result in some degree of failure; for example, packing too many keywords into content sends red flags to search engines that can result in lower rankings or even deindexing. SEO providers need to find the right balance in their SEO strategy, and often, that balance is felt as much as it is understood.

An Overwhelming Variety of SEO Tools

SEO providers rely on a bevy of tools and services to deliver results to clients, but which tools and services any one SEO specialist should use is entirely up to them. Unfortunately, those not experienced in the SEO field are often bewildered by the variety of features available from different applications and platforms, which often means they make expensive mistakes in selecting SEO tools.

Fierce Competition in the SEO Market

Because SEO is essential, nearly every digital marketing firm offers some degree of SEO services. This can make it exceedingly difficult for any single digital marketing agency to stand out, even if their SEO offerings go above and beyond what clients normally receive.

An Easy Solution to Every Challenge

Seemingly, the only way to address every single one of these significant challenges in the SEO field is for a digital marketer to invest an unimaginable amount of time and energy into becoming an SEO expert. Indeed, this would help digital marketers better understand how to develop SEO strategies and manage SEO practices in the face of such online adversity — but maintaining a staff of SEO experts is not the only way for digital marketing firms to deliver high-quality SEO services to clients while navigating these challenges.

Instead, perhaps the easiest solution a digital marketing agency might consider to these SEO woes is working with a white label SEO company. White label firms tend to lack clients of their own and instead do business under the branding of their digital marketing partners. White label SEO companies specialize in high-quality SEO services and are staffed by well-trained and experienced SEO experts. Outsourcing to a white label tends to be radically more cost-effective than hiring in-house SEO staff, and it ensures that an agency’s clients are benefitting from the best possible SEO services — regardless of the challenges above or any new challenges that emerge.

SEO is perhaps the most difficult aspect of digital marketing, but unless and until search engines become obsolete, every business engaged in digital marketing needs to participate in SEO to some degree. Fortunately, agencies can find high-quality white label partners capable of overcoming any and all challenges associated with this tricky component of digital marketing.


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