Motorhome Gadgets And Gear: Must-Haves For Comfortable Travel

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Written By Charlotte Miller

Want to put the ‘home’ in motorhome? Innovative gadgets and space-saving gear can make your life on the road enjoyable, comfortable, and efficient.

Comfort and convenience

Space-saving furniture is a motorhome essential. Drop leaf tables are an easy space saver as are coffee tables that have drawers and can fold into a desk. A sturdy ottoman can be used for storage, as a bench, or even a table. A daytime easy chair can fold out to provide a sofa bed for one. If it doesn’t fold in or out, or stack, then it’s better off in your bricks and mortar home.

Portable kitchen appliances

Cooking a range of food in the middle of nowhere is simple. Microwave-sized portable gas or electric ovens offer grill, bake, and roast functions so you can make favourite meals wherever you are. A compact compressor fridge, which can operate through a 12-volt battery, will keep perishables chilled. These fridges will operate even if you’re parked on an incline.

Convertible bedding solutions

Three for the price of one is always a good deal especially when it’s space-saving solution. A bench seat bed with storage does the trick. Sit on it during the day, take out stored bedding at night and then sleep on it.


When you’re on the move having your mobile devices with you is one thing, ensuring connectivity is another. A portable Wi-Fi system will allow you to stay connected without piling up a large data bill on your devices.

Entertainment systems

Enjoy an al fresco big screen experience underneath the awning. A portable mini projector can be connected to your smartphone or streaming service allowing you to watch movies or binge watch Succession now you finally have time.

A wireless Bluetooth speaker is a great way to play music whether parked up for the night or cruising down an autobahn. A single USB charge can deliver up to 15 hours playing time.

With all this kit in your motorhome, remember to sort yourself essential motorhome insurance well before you travel. You’ll sleep more soundly knowing you are covered.

E-books and audiobooks

Reading a door-step summer bestseller can help you nod off, so take an E-book reader. The initial investment costs more than a paperback, from around £85 for a six-inch screen Kindle, but if you always have a book on the go then it quickly pays back. And you can borrow countless books for a small monthly fee using Kindle Unlimited. Audiobooks are another lightweight option but take your headphones!

Safety and security

Make your journeys between destinations as smooth as possible by investing in GPS systems that carry traffic updates, road warnings and campground information.

Security cameras and sensors

To lessen your chances of making a motorhome insurance claim, fit your vehicle with security solutions. Weatherproof motion-activated cameras come fitted with solar panels to power the battery, provide excellent night vision, and detect movement from 30 feet away.

Emergency preparedness kits

One last thing, always carry easy to store pieces of kit that can help you manage medical, injury, and emergency issues, including first aid kits, flashlights, emergency blankets, and fire extinguishers.