Makes Shopping in the US Hassle-Free for Canadians

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Shopping in the US is something many Canadians dream of. With online shopping now available, this has become a reality for a lot of Canadians. However, when the cost of shipping these items is considered, it can be expensive. 

As a Canadian who shops in the USA, it’s likely that at some point, you’ve found yourself looking for a more cost-effective alternative to shopping in the US. The good news, however, is that helps Canadians with shopping in the US and returns. Therefore, as a registered member, you can take advantage of the latest shopping deals in the US from the comfort of your home. If you’re looking for better shopping prices in the US or for items that are not available in Canada, then you can take advantage of their free US address to enjoy hassle-free shopping.

How It Works is a strader-ferris international service that offers storage and delivery services for Canadians wishing to shop in the United States and abroad. It’s a free and simple service that uses the steps below to help shoppers have the best shopping experience.

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Register With

The first step is to register with, after which you will be given the warehouse US address located in Ogdensburg, NY. You will also be given a free and unique unit number, and an email with your US address and personal account login details. Once you have the login details, you can set your contact preferences to meet your needs.

Start Shopping at US Retailers 

Once you have your US address, you can start shopping online. When you’re done shopping, input your US address at the online checkout space. This way, your goods will be sent to the US warehouse in Ogdensburg, NY. A picture of the goods will be sent to you to confirm that your exact goods were sent. You will also be notified with an email, phone call, or text message as soon as your goods arrive.

Decide How You Want to Receive Your Items

With $5, you can pick up your items at the warehouse in Ogdensburg. However, this fee is subject to weight restrictions, and you will be responsible for transporting your items across the US-Canada border. You can also choose doorstep delivery for as low as $29, depending on your destination and the weight of your goods. To make payment easier, you will receive both shipping costs and duty costs on a single and simple invoice.

How Do I Have My Packages Cleared and Forwarded to Canada?

With the Push It NorthSM service, your goods can be shipped to the Canada-US border. Below is how it works:

  • Once you get a notification of the arrival of your goods in the US warehouse, log into your account and choose the Push It NorthSM service
  • Your goods will then be cleared and transported to the Canada warehouse in Prescott, Ontario, for adequate processing. This processing usually takes about three business days.
  • You can decide to pick up your items at the warehouse in Prescott or choose a doorstep delivery option using the most cost-effective carrier option available for your location.

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How Do I Pick Up My Goods?

Once your goods arrive at the warehouse, you can retrieve them by making cash payments in your preferred currency and showing your photo identification. You can also pay via credit card (MasterCard, Visa) and debit payments. In case you can’t pick up your items in person, you can send someone else to pick them up on your behalf.

However, the person must come with a copy of the package claim receipt and photo identification. To get your Package Claim Receipt, log into your account and choose the “View” button next to the package.

Benefits of Choosing

Canadian Owned and Operated is owned and operated by Canadians to help Canadian online shoppers shop easily. They give the best price deal to help you save money. They also give free monthly information on the best price differences between goods in Canada and the US.

They are Experienced

With 60 years of experience, has all it takes to give you the best service. They also have experienced custom experts who use the electronic customs-clearance network; therefore, you can rest assured that your goods will be cleared quickly and efficiently.

Free Storage for Up to 365 Days

In cases where you can’t pick up your package immediately or you simply want to enjoy an ongoing good deal, you can enjoy free storage for 365 days.

In summary, does not only make your shopping stress-free, but it also makes shipping to your desired location struggle-free and helps you save costs in the process.