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National Honor Societies

National Honor Societies: How to Get the Most Out of Your Membership

by Aishwarya

Did you know that national honor societies have a presence in all fifty states that make up the United States of America? Joining a national honor society is a big deal for any student, no matter which honor society you choose. There is a science national honor society as well as a national art honor society.

These national honor societies help to bring the best out of the students throughout the country. They recognize them for their academic excellence. There are many benefits that come from membership in a national honor society or national junior honor society. It is important that you know how to get the most out of your experience.

The good news is that you’re in the right place to learn more about getting the most out of joining one of the great national honor societies. Continue reading this article to learn more.

What Are National Honor Societies?

National honor societies are organizations that seek out the best and brightest students. They help to give them access to the resource and people that will help them reach their dreams. These societies have been around since the beginning of the United States of America, and they provide amazing opportunities for students to gain leadership experience as well as educational support.

There are certain qualifications that you need to have in order to apply for membership to a national honor society. Most notably, you need to be a high school student and you need to maintain a grade point average of 3.0 or higher in order to apply. It is also wise to demonstrate that you are committed to academic excellence and leadership in school and in the community.

The main purpose and goal of a national honor society are to help students take their academics and leadership to the next level. They also seek to grow your involvement in the community as you help others. This is great for benefits you and your community while also showing universities the type of person that you are.

Why Should You Join a National Honor Society?

There are many different reasons why you need to consider joining a national honor society. There are tons of benefits in the form of leadership seminars, scholarship opportunities, and even awards and recognition for your skills and abilities. Here is a closer look at what you’ll gain from joining one of the many great national honor societies. 

LEAD Conferences

One thing that colleges and future employers look for when considering applicants is leadership experience. Becoming a member of a national honor society is a great way to give yourself tons of great leadership experiences. One of these opportunities is the LEAD conference.

These conferences are held throughout the year on weekends. They’re available for you to attend if you’re an NHS member or a National Junior Honor Society member. The LEAD conferences are designed to help you gain valuable leadership experience. You’ll also build your network by meeting other members of NHS.

Student Leadership Week

Another important benefit that you’ll gain with your membership with the National Honor Society is your chance to participate in the National Student Leadership Week. This week celebrates the leaders in your school and in your community. If you do great things for your school then it is likely that you’ll get recognized during this leadership week.

You’ll also get the chance to help plan the events for the week. This will look great on a college application and it might even help you discover a love for event planning.

State Summits

Each state has national honor societies that reside within its borders. When it comes to these national honor societies, they often like to hold state summits that bring all of the chapters together. This is a great opportunity to meet other gifted students that come from different parts of the state and have similar goals as yours.

You’ll have the opportunity to make new friends and grow a large network of people that are destined for greatness. These summits are for National Honor Society members only and leaders from throughout the state attend. This allows you to meet these leaders and learn more about them. You’ll also get to go through real-world questions and problems with them.


One of the big reasons that high school students join national honor societies is for the scholarship opportunities that they provide. National honor societies tend to offer college scholarships to their members that are in good academic standing and that show to be high-character individuals in their school and community.

There are hundreds of different scholarship programs that you can partake in to help with paying for your college expenses. This is a great way to improve your odds of attending your dream university after you graduate from high school.

College Admissions

You’ll also improve your odds of getting into the colleges you’re wanting to attend thanks to your national honor society. Adding that you’re a national honor society member will do a lot to improve your college application along with a national honor society essay.

The national honor societies also provide you with a number of resources that make applying for college a much easier process. It can seem overwhelming at first, but attending NHS webinars will get you pointed in the right direction to get started with your application process.

Financial Aid Planning

Another great benefit that you’ll gain from joining a national honor society is financial aid planning. Your national honor society will help you to get in contact with a financial aid advisor. This person will help you come up with a strong and sound plan for how you’ll pay for college.

Service Projects

A big part of joining a national honor society is the service projects that you get to take part in. Working with a national honor society gives you the resources needed to help out in your community and make it a better place for everyone in it. The organization also helps to keep you accountable and make sure that you’re meeting the requirements for helping out in the community.

How to Get the Most Out of National Honor Societies

There are many different ways that you can get the most out of your national honor society membership. These ways will help you afford college while growing a robust network of like-minded individuals that will help you grow as a person and a professional. It will help you to better understand what is national honor society.

Meet New People

Meeting people is easy and fun when you’re a member of a national honor society. What joining a national honor society does is it helps you to meet the right people that will make a massive difference in your future. Your classmates that join NHS will have big goals and dreams and the desire to make them come true.

This will help you to surround yourself with people that want the best that life has to offer and will push themselves and you to get there. Meeting these people and forging connections with them will help you to stay motivated to make all of your dreams come true.

You’ll find that you have friends that will help you focus on studying and achieving the academic excellence that you’ll need in order to attend your dream school. It will also help to inspire a bit of healthy competition between you and your peers that will push you towards excellence.

Save Money

It is no secret that college is expensive to attend. Still, there are ways that you can cut down on college expenses and one of the best ways to do that is by joining a national honor society. There are tons of awards and scholarship opportunities for members that achieve academic excellence.

There are other great benefits that you’ll gain like discounts at local restaurants and even better health insurance. There are even leisure activities that you’ll enjoy when you need to get out and have fun that you’ll get significant discounts on.

It is difficult to save money while attending school. It is important that you save as much money as possible before you go off to college. You’ll need money for your textbooks, your food, rent, and fun activities. Joining NHS when you’re in high school is a great way to make the most of your time in high school while setting you up for success in college.

Show Off Your Membership on Social Media

Social media is a huge part of life nowadays, and you should be proud to show off the perks that come with your national honor society membership. Employers look at your social media when considering you for a position that you’ve applied for and your social media posts about national honor societies will give you a leg up on the competition.

It is important when you start applying for jobs after college that your social media shows you at your best. Posting about the community service that you’re doing as part of your national honor society is a great way to demonstrate to future employers that you’re a person of great character and compassion.

You should also document all of your academic achievements on social media. Be sure to keep your social media pages free of anything that you wouldn’t want a potential employer to see. Fill your social media page with the great things that you’re doing as part of your honor society membership. You can even use hashtags to ensure that your posts get in front of the right audience.

Apply for Scholarships

The primary reason that high school students want to become members of national honor societies is to earn scholarships for their college experience. It only makes sense that honor society members want to benefit from their hard work and their intelligence. Make the most of your membership by accessing the hundreds of scholarships available to you as a member of NHS.

There are scholarships that will help you save hundreds or even thousands of dollars on college tuition. This could be the difference between attending your dream school or not. There are also great scholarships that allow you to study abroad and learn about something that you’re passionate about.

You’ll get to learn about your future career while also immersing yourself in a different culture. This could even inspire you to become a world traveler. This will also look awesome to future employers that look over your resume because it shows future employers that you’re strong and capable of great things.

Show Off Your NHS Gear

The biggest day that you’ll see the rewards that came with your hard work is graduation day. You’ll get qualifications from your honor society and you’ll have an opportunity to show off your achievement for everyone to see. This means that your graduation uniform will have that extra bit of flair that helps you stand out from the rest of your classmates.

There are stoles and honor cords that you can decorate your graduation outfit with in order to put together that perfect look that you’ll never forget. These honor cords are blue and gold and they stand out in a beautiful way against the black of your graduation outfit.

There is also merchandise that you can purchase. This will help you show off the membership of your national honor society no matter where you go in the world. You should be proud of your membership with a prestigious academic organization.

Consider Joining National Honor Societies Today

One of the best ways to seize the day when it comes to your high school academics and your future is to join national honor societies. These organizations are set up to reward and recognize the best and brightest students from across the United States of America. Use these organizations to grow as a leader and a person. They’re also great for providing scholarship opportunities that you’ll love.

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