Necessary Parts In Your Car That Must Be Changed Every Once In A While

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Written By Berry Mathew

You require a car to travel around for work, education, and daily life unless you reside in a part of a city with robust public transportation. It can be challenging to purchase a new automobile, so you want to ensure the one you have lasts as long as possible and prevent problems from occurring. However, no matter how careful you are, your car will eventually need some parts replaced:


Your car’s alternator powers your electrical system and keeps the battery charged. It can break down after five or six years of use, but it can also be mistakenly identified as the cause of your car’s issues, so you should have your mechanic test it first to ensure it’s the actual issue.

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Cabin Air Filter

The Cabin air filter helps prevent dirt from entering the cabin. The air enters the cabin when either the AC or the fan is running. This air comes in through the intake manifold and can bring road dust inside your car. A cabin air filter is located at the entry of the passage for this outside air, clearing the air and filtering out the dust. It must be changed frequently because it is composed of paper and foam materials, depending on road conditions. Cabin air filters are a crucial part of the air circulation system in a vehicle and need periodic replacements.


If your car’s battery dies, nothing on it will function, leaving you stranded (though, if that happens, another vehicle can give you a charge with jumper cables, which you should use to head straight to an auto shop). Your battery should last three to five years or less if you live somewhere really hot, depending on how you drive and whether you remember to turn off your headlights. If starting your automobile becomes more complex, it’s time to replace it.

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Brake Pads

If you have any driving experience, you will understand the significance of having decent brake pads. Every time you use them, they become a bit more worn, so eventually, they’ll need to be replaced. If you have a big, heavy car or live in a city, you may need new brake pads less frequently—every three to five years—because city traffic will force you to apply the brakes more often. If you hear the screeching of bare metal as you brake, your brake pads need replacement.

Timing Belt

Your engine’s timing belt is a crucial component; if it breaks, it could sustain severe damage. You must make sure to change it every eight years because of this. Changes don’t happen often, but this one is very significant. If your engine uses a timing chain rather than a belt, consult your owner’s manual; it won’t need to be changed.

Fuel Pump 

Your fuel pump is always at work since it transfers fuel from the tank to the engine. In addition to normal wear and tear, corrosion or filth in the fuel tank may cause harm. You must check your car’s petrol tank because it won’t run without it. One thing you can do to prevent damage is to fill up your tank earlier rather than driving about with it almost empty. If you follow these guidelines, many of them last as long as your car.

Water Pump 

The water pump circulates your engine’s coolant to prevent overheating. Another automobile component might last the whole life of your car, but it might also need to be replaced every six to eight years, especially if it begins to leak.


You require the flashing of your turn signals and the illumination of your car lights at night. Both use ubiquitous light bulbs that, depending on how much night driving you do, may eventually burn out after 1,000 hours of use or five to seven years. Your car’s manual can provide instructions on removing burned-out bulbs so that you can replace them.


Every car needs routine oil changes, and most mechanics will remind you when it’s time for the next one, which is usually every three to six months. You require that oil to lubricate your engine and collect extra dust and debris. If your automobile tells you that your oil needs to be changed, you must change it immediately to prevent harm since that dashboard light is the last notice you will receive.

Wrapping Up

Maintenance of your vehicle is very important if you want to have full advantage of your automobile. Spending on a vehicle is a big investment, so you must take proper care of it and replace the things mentioned in this blog for your safety and improve your driving experience.