Need New Teeth Quickly? Get A Smile In A Day!

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Written By Berry Mathew

Have you got a big family event coming up?

Will you be posing for important family photographs in the next few months?

Or maybe that school reunion that seemed so long away is drawing ever nearer. 

From family weddings to graduations, christenings to reunions, people may want a new smile for any number of reasons. 

Dental professionals across the country are offering smile-in-a-day treatments, which advertise the possibility of leaving with a same-day smile. 

But is this possible? 

Can everyone get a smile in a day prosthesis?

You remember the cliché if it sounds too good to be true then it probably is. 

Well, sadly, at dental clinics across the UK, despite what is advertised, only certain patients will be eligible for smile-in-a-day dental implants.

If you present a complex case due to severe dental conditions, you may find you are not eligible for a replacement prosthesis on the day your teeth are removed. 

Common dental challenges include:

  • Having low bone availability and density 
  • Needing sinus lifts 
  • Severe gum disease

This means that your dreams of a smile in a day can be lost unless you are willing to wear temporary dentures.   

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Specialist smile in a day treatment across the UK

However, some clinics specialise completely in complex dental cases and have developed bespoke solutions and implant techniques that allow for expert treatments that cannot be provided anywhere else.

These clinics give a true smile in a day procedure, fitting a provisional prosthesis on the upper or lower jaw on the same day that failing teeth are removed. 

No matter how challenging the circumstances. 

These provisional prostheses are fitted onto a one-piece full jaw prosthetic bridge, held in place by 4-6 titanium screw dental implants, which replace the roots of the failing teeth. 

This allows clinics to completely replace 10-12 teeth per jaw, leaving you photo-ready in a day. 

What does a smile in a day cost? 

You might expect that a true smile-in-a-day procedure is out of reach for more modest budgets, leaving transformational smile surgery open to the few. 

However, some specialist clinics across the UK are choosing to focus specifically on complex, smile-in-a-day dental implants and can make their treatments as cost-effective as possible as a result. 

These clinics perform only smile-in-a-day dental implants and do not resource other areas of dentistry, including general and aesthetic dentistry, allowing them to focus their resources only on those they need. 

By developing their expertise, they will also reduce the number of unnecessary procedures, including performing bone grafts or sinus lifts or fitting temporary dentures, allowing them to offer some of the most competitive prices for smile-in-a-day treatments across the industry. 

Finally, most of these expert clinics offer clear and transparent pricing and finance options, which gives prospective patients the clarity and confidence they need to proceed with life-changing treatment. 

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Find true smile-in-a-day dental implants today

While a misnomer for some clinics, there are dental professionals in the UK that offer true smile-in-a-day treatment for patients. 

These clinics have years of experience and pride themselves in helping people regain their confidence and their smiles using their one-day smile solution.

Taking the time to thoroughly research possible clinics and speaking to professionals will provide you with the insight you need to book or look elsewhere. Putting you in control of your treatment journey, and helping you find a true smile-in-a-day procedure in time for the big day.