New and Good Habits To Start In 2023 For Living the Best Life

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Written By Berry Mathew

Every new year, there must be a desire to improve yourself in a better direction. Various resolutions that we want to achieve have been listed long ago so that it’s not just a mere new year, but also a new self for you. The “New Year, New Me” phrase is never so relatable! 

We have listed down the best new and good habits that you should develop in this new year of 2023. With these new habits, guaranteed your life will be much more improved and shift in a good direction. Thus, your goal and dream will be much easier to achieve.

For those of you who want to live a more productive life, keep on reading below!

Get Up Earlier

Have you heard the phrase, early bird gets the worm? Well, it is also the case with you! For some people, getting up early may have become a routine.  However, not a few also find it difficult to do so. The benefits of getting up early for health (body and mind) are numerous and it’s a shame to miss it.

You should make a new habit of getting up earlier, without stalling the alarm clock. Try to put a clock at the far end of the room from your bed, so that when the alarm goes off, you are awake. Slowly work on your circadian rhythm to improve your sleep cycle.

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Get Some Sun When You Get Up Early

Make it your morning routine, to not just wake up and play with the gadget. When you wake up in the morning, you should start the day full of enthusiasm and try to find some sun first. Morning sun is really good for our health because it can give us the much-needed boost of Vitamin D which will be beneficial for our immune system and bone and muscle health. 

Drink More Water

Water is the ultimate need of your body to maintain good health, without proper water intake you won’t be able to lead your life right. In this new year of 2023, you should develop a new habit to drink more water. Some things you can do to improve your water intake are by setting up an alarm to alert you to drink by the hour and also purchasing aluminum bottled water to be taken anywhere you go. 

Having a reusable water bottle won’t only help you to drink more water but also help you save money and protect the earth better – because you won’t need to drink water in plastic bottles that we usually find in convenience stores.

Perform A Meditation

Meditation is beneficial for our overall health – not just our mental health. Create a ritual once a day regularly to have a meditation in the morning, this will help to clear your mind and make you ready to start the day.  This method can be done for 3 minutes or 1 hour, depending on your ability.

Meditation in the morning can make your mind calmer and more focused.  Several studies have also shown that people who meditate in the morning are happier and healthier than those who don’t meditate.

Have A Healthy Diet

What you eat will shape your health. Thus, from now on, you should avoid eating junk food, or too sweet and salty kinds of food to better protect your health. You should also reduce unhealthy snack intake, which you might often consume during busy days in the office. If you need a snack while working, try to eat something that is still nutritious or can do good for your body and improve your brain capability. And of course, drink more water.

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Show A Good Attitude

Saying thank you, and smiling might seem like a usual thing that everyone will do. But at times, we might be too busy to care, whether we do it on an everyday basis or not. If you are ever opened to the door of a room by someone, do not immediately go through it.  Instead, pause, smile, and thank the person. A good attitude won’t cost you a thing, but the effect is wonderful!

Work On Your Goal

Usually, a new year goal can only last for a couple of months before it dwindles. You try to maintain and work on it diligently. Make a list of your goals, and step-by-step what you want to do to achieve that. Create a timeline of each step, to make yourself know what to do on a timely basis. Don’t let your dream dwindle as the year goes by. Work on it to ensure you can achieve them!

These are the good habits that you should definitely try to develop in the year 2023. With changes and good new habits in the new year, you can make 2023 your ultimate best year!