Now&Me, A Mental Wellness App, Demystifies The Concept Of Therapy

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Written By Charlotte Miller

Now&Me, a mental wellness application, makes the concept of therapy and mental health easy and accessible to the general audience. It breaks down the term “therapy” into authentic connections, self-help tools, accurate resources, and instant guidance and support.

When we talk about online therapy, people get scared by the term “therapy” and treat it as an alien thing that shouldn’t exist altogether. However, if we understand the intricacies of therapy, it is actually about caring for our minds as we do for our bodies, with the help of a medical professional, making lifestyle changes, and doing a conscious check on ourselves and our minds.

Yet, people do not understand the importance of therapy, so to make it simple, the Now&Me team demystified the concept of therapy by putting together the idea of community building, self-help tools, highly reviewed blogs, and short versions of therapy, where you can share your feelings anonymously, talk to peer listeners, get access to thoroughly vetted content, and get expert guidance, all in one place.

Along with this, Now&Me also launched their professional guidance Expert Panel in January 2023 to help people in different areas of life. Not only this, but the Now&Me team also knows the importance of peer support and online friendships, so to make people feel heard and validated, they created an Online Community where you can share anything anonymously without any judgment or fear.

Moreover, looking at the state of mental health in India, Now&Me wanted the audience to share their feelings without any shame or guilt. Because of this, Now&Me introduced the concept of Bite-Sized Therapy, a test drive for therapy that includes shorter sessions with timings customizable according to the user’s preferences. This service is best for people who are constantly traveling and want instant guidance from an expert.

Lastly, Now&Me understands that not everyone has the basic means to afford therapy, which is why they recently launched the Self-Help Tools feature in the form of short books that contain daily affirmations, journaling prompts, and meditation techniques for holistic development. This can be purchased from the application at a very low cost to get you started on your healing journey.  

To sum up, the mantra of Now&Me is simple — to help people understand that asking for help doesn’t mean you are mentally problematic; it means you are a human. So, book your session with Now&Me and get to know yourself with the help of professionally qualified experts.