NRI Demat Account vs Normal Demat Account

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Residents and non-resident Indians both can trade securities in Indian stock markets. The NRI Demat Account is a Demat Account for non-resident Indians. Customers who live in India can open a Regular Demat account. Non-resident Indians or NRIs are required by the Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA) to have an NRI Demat Account. All foreign currency transactions in India are governed by FEMA laws and regulations.

What is an NRI Demat Account?

All DPs, Banks and Trading Firms, can open an online Demat account for NRIs with CSDL or NSDL. Non-Resident Indians require to open an NRI Demat Account, a bank account number, and an NRI Trading account in order to trade shares and other securities in India.

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Comparison between NRI Demat Accounts and Normal Demat Account


Types of Account NRI Repatriable (NRE)

NRI Non-Repatriable (NRO)

Normal Ordinary Demat Account
Monetary Account Linked with Demat Account NRO or NRE Bank Account Bank Saving Account
Corporate Benefits





Automatically Deposited in the Linked NRO or NRE Bank Account Automatically Deposited in the Linked Bank Savings Account
Offered Services Similar to Normal Demat Account Similar to NRI Demat Account
Fees and Charges Similar to Normal Demat Account Similar to NRI Demat Account

Creating an NRI Demat Account

The procedure for opening an NRI trading and demat account is largely similar to that of opening a Regular Demat Account, except a few additional documents are needed to be uploaded. To open an NRI Demat Account, a non-resident Indian must approach a depository participant.

Non-resident Indians must submit additional documents in order to open an NRI trading account or an NRI Demat Account, in addition to the following documents –

  • PAN Card
  • Proof of Identity (POI)
  • Proof of Address (POA)
  • Passport Photos

Additionally NRIs must also produce –

  • A Copy of their Passport
  • A Copy of their Employment Visa or Work Permit (as applicable)
  • Non-resident Indians must also have an NRE or NRO bank account

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How Can One Open An NRI Demat Account Online?

Many NRI investors are unsure about how to register an NRI Demat Account on the internet. NRIs can now register an account with Choice India online using their KYC documents. There are a few more documents that must be submitted in order to complete the account opening process. The simple steps to open an NRI Demat Account are as follows –

  1. You can register for an NRI account with Choice India online at their official website.
  2. You can also Sign Up using your smartphone by downloading the Jiffy App (Android & iOS).
  3. It will take you roughly 5 minutes to Sign Up if your required documents.
  4. After you’ve uploaded all of the required documents, the account details would be verified by the experts.
  5. You will have successfully opened an NRI Demat Account online once the documents have been verified.


The majority of depository participants have professionals on hand to assist their customers in complying with all FEMA and RBI rules. Non-Resident Indians have a variety of options accessible to them, giving them the freedom to choose which types of accounts best suit their investing needs.

For most non-resident Indians, the Indian equity markets offer a home-field advantage. They know the marketplaces, the firms, and their business procedures, among other things. While opening a Demat account for an NRI and an NRI trading account is a little more difficult, the process should not prevent you from doing so and investing in the Indian markets. Whether you want to open a Demat Account or a Demat Account for NRIs, the online procedure is easier and simpler.