OH MY PRETTY: Complete Guidance About The Glueless Lace Front Wigs

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Written By Berry Mathew

Glueless lace front wigs are all the rage, and we’re here to tell you all about them! Glueless lace front wigs are the perfect option for those who choose to change their hairstyles constantly. You may not know it, but these baby hair wigs are used every day, regardless of the activity because of their convenience and security. The best thing about glueless lace front wigs is that they offer the reality of a lace frontal without the need for tape and glue. Can you say easy?

Glueless lace front wigs are beginner friendly and don’t require much effort or time. We understand that some people don’t need a permanent hairstyle and like to change it up often. Today we will dig deeper into the world of glueless lace front wigs. You will learn what glueless lace front wigs are, how to store your glueless lace wig, a step-by-step guide to applying your glueless lace front wig, and how long a wig install can last. Interested? Keep reading!

What Are Glueless Lace Front Wigs?

Simply put, lace front wigs are wigs that offer frontal protection and shape without the need for glue, tape, gel or spray. These wigs are designed with adjustable straps and or combs, which are strategically placed to ensure a snug fit that won’t budge. The placement of straps and combs is determined entirely by the manufacturer.

How do you store glueless lace wigs?

There are two ways to secure your glueless lace front wig. These wigs come with a comb inside the mesh. Combs are placed high up, sometimes at the temple, and at the back near the nape of your neck. These combs can also be adjusted for your comfort level. Use a comb to attach your wig to the base of your hair. They are best used when the wig already has a natural good fit.

Another way to secure your frontal wig is to use elastic straps. These straps are built into the wig and are used at the nape of your neck. They offer different slots to make the wig bigger or smaller as needed. Most straps are made of a stretchy material with a plastic clip on each side. You then attach them to secure your wig. If the pre-made elastic is too short, maybe opt for an adjustable elastic band that you can sew onto your mesh cap. These bands are flexible and wide all around.

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A step-by-step guide to securing your glueless lace front wig

Before storing your glueless lace front wig, make sure you buy the right wig. Your wig should have a comb inside your wig and include adjustable straps at the back of the wig. Your comb should be placed at various points on your forehead, including the top, bottom and temple areas. Now let’s start how to apply your glueless full lace wig.

  1. Put your hair in a low braid. The quickest and easiest way to braid your hair is straight on the pack. Start at the front of your hairline and braid up to your nape and repeat until you’re done. If your hair is hanging down, tie it into your braids. Remember, your braids must be flat to apply a flat wig.
  2. Clean your hair with a cotton swab using alcohol or witch hazel.
  3. Braid your lace wig into a ponytail to ensure there are no flyaways.
  4. Place the wig on your hair and comb through your foundation starting from the front to the back. You may have to adjust different times to find a good fit.
  5. If applicable, adjust your capsize by adjusting the elastic in the back and hold together.
  6. Once properly placed, trim the excess lace from the hairline of your wig, paying close attention to the area to make sure you don’t cut any hair.
  7. Brush your child’s hair (if applicable).
  8. Remove the top of your wig and style accordingly.

How Long Does a Glueless Wig Install Last?

Glueless wigs are just that, glueless. Due to the non-stickiness of these wigs, we recommend that you remove your wig daily. Combs are known to cause stress on the hair when worn with constant tugging and movement. Although convenient, these wigs are not ideal for sleeping. We recommend that you remove your wig and tie your hair every night. Once you are ready to style your hair, apply your wig and style accordingly. Remember, your hair underneath your wig must also be taken care of.

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Benefits of Glueless lace frontal wig?

Beginner friendly

A major advantage of glueless frontals is the ease and minimal effort required when using one of these wigs. You use a comb and adjustable straps to glue and hold your wig in place. There is also the option to wear a wig grip or add your own elastic strap to the back of your wig for more customization.

No need for products

One of the major benefits of wearing a glueless lace front wig is that you don’t have to buy products to straighten your lace front. Adhesives, glue, gel, hairspray, tape, and removers can be expensive if you’re a fan of lace frontal wear.


Another benefit of wearing a glueless frontal wig is convenience and flexibility. With this type of wig, you take them off daily, allowing you to change them more often. For example, many people do not intend to have a hairstyle for a long time. Many people wear wigs for a certain fashion statement or beauty concept.

Safe for sensitive scalps

There are people with sensitive skin/scalp and unable to use chemicals due to allergies. With the quality of lace frontal glow lace wigs, they can have the best of both worlds. Glueless lace wigs promote protection for both your head and hair.

Protects your natural hair

Wigs give your natural hair a chance to relax and take a break from daily styling, products and heat. It protects your hair from natural elements like sun, dust and even smoke. Allowing your hair to rest promotes growth. Remember to use healthy hair habits and don’t neglect your hair underneath your wig. Let your hair breathe, oil your scalp, and wash/re-braid your hair when necessary.

Final thoughts

In general, the advantages of glueless wigs outweigh the disadvantages. Glueless lace frontal wigs are easy to maintain and affordable too. They come in different lengths, colors and textures offering a wide range of options for everyone. If you are looking for a glueless lace frontal wig or weft hair extensions, you can easily buy it from us at Oh My Pretty Wig.