“Oil And Gas Industry Injuries: Workers’ Protections And Compensation”

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Written By Charlotte Miller

The oil and gas industry is a dangerous industry with a very high fatality rate. Workers associated with this field are never safe. The fatality rates in this industry are six times higher than all the other industries and fields in the US. Accidents in these fields are extremely traumatic and trying to get compensation for your injuries can be draining and traumatic.

If your loved one is a victim of oil and gas industry-related injuries in Fort Worth, then you might be looking into hiring a personal injury attorney in Fort Worth but before that, you need to learn some important aspects related to oil and gas field injuries.  

Most Common Oilfield Injuries

These are some fatal and common accidents that usually occur in this industry:


In this field, workers are usually working on elevated spaces, and any fall from there can be extremely fatal. There is a constant risk of falling into the open ocean. It is very easy and simple to avoid falls with the proper safety regulations.  

Explosions and Fire

As we know that gas is highly flammable and that is why explosions and fire-generated blasts are very common. The major and common causes of explosions and fire eruptions are blowouts, welding, drilling, and improper safety measures for ignition sources.

Contact with Heavy Machinery

There could be moving chains and rotating pipes including some other types of equipment that can come in contact with a worker. That contact can make a worker fall or give him some serious injuries. Workers often get their hands, arms,  

Chemical Poisoning

Colorless gases like Hydrogen sulfide can collect in poorly ventilated areas. Gases like these are highly flammable and can cause explosions. Those who come in contact with these kinds of gases usually feel abnormal heartbeats and their nervous system is damaged before collapsing and dying.

Events Related to Collapsing Rigs

Major mishaps can occur if there is a lot of weight and pressure on the rig. Rigs can collapse if they are poorly managed or they are already damaged but are still in use. That could be very dangerous. Due to a collapse, workers can lose their lives. They can crush or fall in the ocean.


Some chemicals on rigs are highly conducive to electricity. Workers on ships in the middle of the sea or any other gas and oil fields are constantly in danger of getting serious shocks. Many tasks like touching worn wire during work are extremely dangerous.

Common Oil and Gas Field Injuries


Fractures are very common in this field. Mostly in accidents related to gas and oil fields, legs can get more fractures than any other body parts.


Traumas related to the head, brain, spinal cord, and back are common in accidents related to falls. And it can also cause serious traumas to one’s backbone.

Burn Injuries

Burn injuries are also common as chemical reactions, explosions, and unsafe or damaged electrical equipments can be commonly seen in the field, often left neglected.

Hearing Loss

Loud and noisy equipment are very normal in the gas or oil field which can be extremely damaging for the ears, leading workers towards the loss of hearing.

Eye Injury

Serious eye-related injuries can occur because of some chemical reactions and misuse of tools and machinery.

Compensation for Injured Workers in Gas and Oilfields

Injured workers in the oil and gas field industry need settlement to treat their injuries and get the medical help they need. They need to get back on their feet as early as possible after getting injured so that they can get back to work. But one important thing to keep in mind is that they got injured during work. And that makes them eligible to claim worker’s compensation benefits.

The compensation that workers usually receives is not enough to cover their basic expenses. It usually only covers the expenses for injuries. One’s employer’s insurance should be enough for one to get the medical assistance they need and some parts of lost wages.

Workers don’t need to prove that their employer was at fault and they got injured because of his negligence. It is because if you got injured while at work, your employer must compensate you for your loss. You are eligible for that compensation. Start by connecting with your employer and ask for further action. But unfortunately, this compensation is not enough for the workers as it includes only a small portion like the lost wages.


Sometimes, you can bring in an oilfield injury lawsuit. For instance, if your employer did not arrange or buy worker’s compensation insurance even though it was a requirement by the law. In this case, it is a non-subscriber case, this involves liability since a worker is injured and there is a lack of insurance.

In some situations, a third- party could be responsible for the accident. In this case, the injured or effective worker can sue them for the following reasons:

  1. An injured worker can bring in a lawsuit if he got injured by a defective machine, equipment, or tool. In this case, a third party gets to face the lawsuit, in this case, it would be the manufacturer. Manufacturers are not allowed to design defective machinery.
  2. An injured worker can bring in a personal injury lawsuit if some vendor or third party is the one guilty behind this. It will be applicable if they breached their duty and responsibility of reasonable care.

Reason You Should Get An Oil and Gas Field Injury Attorney

After you report an injury to your employer, an investigation will be launched. Insurers of your employer and your employer would try to minimize any liability coming their way. They will try to collect supporting evidence to use for their benefit. And this is why, injured workers are usually at a disadvantage if they try to get through the whole legal process by themselves. Workers should highly consider hiring a professional.