Online Haze: The Emergence And Effects Of The Online Vaping Market

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Written By Juliet D'cruz

Since the 2010s, online sales for Quality Vapes have skyrocketed. More people are buying e-cigarettes and vaping products and many of them are snagging deals online. Research shows that over 20% of vape sales are made online.

The rise in online vape sales is due to several key factors. From convenience and competitive prices to social media influence and a wider selection of products, the online vape market has seen increased consumer engagement that reflects vape marketing expenditures. 

Here are 4 main reasons why the emergence and impact of an accessible global vape market has created a haze online.


Since the rise of online vape marketing in the late 2010s, internet sales for vapes have exploded. While 60% of vape sales are still made in person, the global online market has seen a dramatic increase in sales that continue to rise due to convenience, accessibility, and options.  

If a consumer is at least 21 years old, he or she can easily purchase vape products online. Convenience, discretion, and shopping accessibility are all important reasons for the continued rise in online vape sales. Some U.S. restrictions on certain mint and fruity flavors, however, may impact a percentage of online sales.

Competitive Prices 

Online vape growth for e-juices and atomizers is also driven by the lower prices that abound online. Many people love to shop online rather than in physical stores because they can often get more for their money online. For example, vapes and accessories may cost up to 50% less online than in physical vape shops and other retail online. That’s because e-commerce companies may have fewer overhead costs, may buy reduced imported goods from the Asian market, or offer competitive sales strategies to boost their visibility and revenue online. 

Social Media Advertising

A 2022 National Youth Tobacco Survey conducted by the CDC found that 14.1% of high school students and over 3% of middle school students reported recent e-cigarette or other vaping product use. The number rises for college through age 29 and drops again for higher age groups.  Both teenagers and adults, and even children, are more likely to use a vape product after seeing ads or other content that present the practice as alluring on social media channels such as Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, or Snapchat.  Printed media also plays a significant role in bringing in new customers and increasing demand from those who already vape. In fact, vape companies spend the bulk of their marketing budget on television ads and print media in retail and other public locations.  Studies show that online vape product sales increase in direct relation to the level of social media marketing expenditures, social media exposure, and consumer engagement.

Increased Product Choices

Vape products available in e-commerce stores are often less expensive and may have a wider range of flavors and options than those available in traditional brick-and-mortar stores.   Currently, there are over 15,000 vape juice flavors available for users. When shopping for vaping products online, customers can choose from seemingly endless e-liquid flavors, vape box kits, vape pens, disposables, pod vapes, Cigalike E-cigs, rechargeable devices, and other vape accessories.   The sheer range of options available on the internet has had a direct impact on online vape sales. 

Over the past few years, online vape companies have poured millions into creating a wide range of vape product selections, offering competitive sales and prices, increasing their social media engagement with followers, and making it fun and easy to shop for products online. Accessibility and awareness of the online vape market have had a significant impact by increasing vaping demand and sales. For example, a January 2023 study found that 1 in 20 Americans now vape and that overall demand for vape has risen by 1,800% in the past year.  This is largely due to the wider range of products that are accessible from smartphones, laptops, and other devices and an increased number of people trying vaping due to social media influence online. 

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