Othman El Ballouti Shares 7 Signs You’re An Entrepreneur  

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Written By Berry Mathew

Othman El Ballouti Shares 7 Signs You’re An Entrepreneur

Othman el Ballouti, a real estate investor, describes entrepreneurial signs to look out for to know if you have the skills to venture into the wild west of business.

1. Are you a mover and shaker?

Becoming your own boss sounds great. But running a business needs an individual who can get things done without waiting for anyone to push them. You must be a self-starter because the success or failure of your startup depends on you. You’re the main driver of growth.

You must be a go-getter with initiative and be resourceful. How can you tell if you have these qualities? Check your past involvement at school, in your community, or social groups. Did you volunteer to lead a program, a project, or a charity? Or did you initiate a new organization in college? Othman el Ballouti says this get-it-done personality trait can help you realize your dream.

2. Do you have an interest in what you want to do?

Look, being an entrepreneur can be a lonely journey and a frustrating experience. That’s because your business could go south or fail to pick up. Sales could hit rock bottom. Will you be prepared to soldier on during these hard times? A strong passion for your enterprise is a vital asset to help you continue despite the setbacks.

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3. Are you a people person?

You have times when you work alone in your business. However, you need other people to pave the way for your success. You must form win-win partnerships, form business networks in your sector, and attract buyers.

For these reasons, you should have people skills. You must be able to reach out to other like-minded people to look for business opportunities.

4. Do you have the determination to succeed?

Because there are challenges in business, you must have a never-give-up spirit. Your ideas may not always go according to plan. Also, you can’t control political, economic, and technological factors. Othman el Ballouti says external forces can affect your business’s operations. As a result, you need plenty of fervor to keep at it. Giving up isn’t an option.

5. Are you creative?

Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple products, is known for groundbreaking ideas in mobile technology. That’s why Apple is a household name worldwide. He was creative. In the same way, you must be a visionary to lead your startup to high growth. You should be someone who tries original ideas or new strategies to take your business to another level.

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6. Do you have a competitive urge?

Sports people are competitive, and as a result, they work hard during exercises or preparations before a major event. They have a strong desire to excel and win big. You must also have the same attitude to do better in entrepreneurship.

7. Are you a tireless worker?

There’s no substitute for hard work if you want to achieve your dreams. You have no overtime, weekends, or holidays if your business is new. You wear more than one hat—you could be the CEO, sales manager, recruiter, or accounts person.

Othman el Ballouti concludes that you can go for it if you have these qualities to run a business.