Packaging Rice For Protection and Boosting Brand Recognition

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Written By Berry Mathew

Rice poses unique packaging challenges. Uncooked rice is heavy and grains can puncture thin packaging materials. Parcooked or prepared rice has stringent barrier requirements to preserve freshness. Learn more about the best packaging materials to protect rice products and ways to promote brand recognition with custom packaging.

Why Mylar Is Great For Rice

Mylar is a durable high-barrier film that keeps air and moisture out of packaged rice. Whether a brand sells heirloom, brown or white rice, this packaging material is a great choice for preserving freshness.

Rice leads the list of foods to store in Mylar bags because this grain is subject to environmental contamination. Large quantities of uncooked rice can weigh many pounds and pose a risk of puncturing or tearing more flimsy plastic films.

Brands that package rice in Mylar pouches have a number of options for presenting products. Choose films with glossy or matte finishes, clouded or transparent windows to give a brand of rice a distinctive shelf presence or incorporate resealable zippers into packaging designs to promote ease of use.

How Custom Mylar Packaging Will Help

Mylar is one of the most durable flexible packaging materials for any quantity of rice, from food sachet packaging for single servings to larger stand-up or lie-flat pouches. This high-barrier plastic film excels at protecting package contents from external contamination from air, pests or water.

Digital on-demand printing is an option for Mylar packaging. This method of custom package design makes it more affordable for small brands to develop professional-looking package designs and print short or variable runs as needed.

Brands of rice products that select Mylar packaging can prioritize design and durability rather than having to pick one priority and compromise on the other factor. Smart packaging options, such as Quick Response codes that link to brand websites or product information pages, are also available for Mylar packages that have digitally printed designs.

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Rice Packaging That Stands Out

The look and feel of rice packaging are important in retail environments. Consumers often have a choice of many varieties of rice. Brands that take informed measures to ensure the quality and safety of products by using durable packaging materials and have appealing packaging designs are likely to see higher sales figures than competing products without these advantages.

Visibility is another important consideration when designing packaging for rice. Many rice products are sold in lay-flat pouches. Selecting stand up pouch packaging can be a good way to make products more visible on the shelves of a store or pantry. Regardless of the type of packaging that a brand chooses, the integrity of the material and package design can make a particular product more appealing to shoppers and lead to repeat purchases in-store or online.

Durability is the most important factor for packaging rice or other grain products. Barrier films should protect dry uncooked grains or par-cooked rice from exposure to oxygen, pests and moisture throughout distribution, sale and storage. Mylar is a durable material suitable for custom packaging design that boosts brand recognition.

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