Pros and Cons of MyDepot

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Written By Charlotte Miller

Through analysis of integration, overall features, processing, and dropshipping by MyDepot, we can come to the pros and cons of it. Likely, big e-commerce platforms have big issues like dropshipping, product quality, the difference in image and real products, and much more.

But, MyDepot, through its innovative strategy seems to be competing and getting a leading position over others. The experienced sellers of Amazon, Wayfair, and Shopify are finding it as a solution for buying and shipping large home items and furniture-related products.

MyDepot is an efficient, innovative, and attractive integrated E-commerce platform that introduces a variety of products with high-quality assurance. It will assist you and notice that instructional resources you would like to keep transaction fee and shipping fee prices low. The e-commerce store is extremely straightforward to navigate and perceive, plus, there’s a free 14 days trial for 5 stores choice to get you started. Once you are satisfied with their marketing strategy, you can go ahead with the purchase of premium bundles, well-suited to your business plan.

However, not everybody is well-suited to the present drop shipping service. It’s not rock bottom price possibility around, and there are varied sad reviews regarding dropshipping on e-commerce stores. Here are the pros and cons you would like to think about before you identify whether or not you’ll be able to create a MyDepot work account for your e-commerce store.



MyDepot does not focus on market competition, but they realized a need for a well-mechanized integrated e-commerce platform that can overcome the customer’s complaints. However, there is essential to enlist what innovative features, this US-based dropshipping platform has introduced in selling-purchase of large home products and furniture items. Here are some pros or advantages of integrating Mydepot with your Amazon, Wayfair, and Shopify e-commerce stores.  

  • The website is simple to navigate, search, filtering and perceive.
  • Everything is extremely easy and economical, budget-friendly.
  • Educational resources mean you’ll be able to learn the way to grow quickly. Which brand stories can boost your traffic?
  • Dropshipping service and business tools integrated for the comfort of sellers.
  • Lessons on the market on the way to export information etc
  • 10,000s of handcart choices or products to decide the best one.
  • Easy to customize your inventory for fast reference and bulk order management.
  • Low inventory alerts stop you from over-selling
  • The free trial makes it straightforward to check the waters before you invest
  • The phone number on the market for client support


  • It’s a membership website, and turning into a member isn’t low-cost
  • MyDepotis one of all the dearer choices for drop shippers, but integration is allowed for the Amazon, Wayfair, and Shopify e-commerce stores only. Other e-commerce platforms sellers like BigCommerce, Alibaba, Daraz, and much like that also want to integrate it for reliable home products and furniture items.
  • Money-back guarantee is troublesome to say like after placing orders, the shipping process starts. It becomes difficult to withdraw an order.
  • Products are dearly-won and rarely complexioned with other marketplaces
  • Not everybody has the most effective opinion of MyDepot.

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A glance at Pricing packages of MyDepot

For profitable earning and successful e-commerce stores, it’s essential to analyze which price packages suit your business plans. In terms of rating, the good thing about going with MyDepot is that the individual product prices get pretty near to what you’d expect from a wholesale purchase. Therefore, you’ll be able to be competitive with alternative firms that also are mercantilism similar merchandise. as an example, I started trying to find purchasing or selling gear on MyDepot and stumbled upon some Home appliances Furniture items sets. Recently, shipping costs for deliveries out of the USA cost $25 to $40 on Amazon, Shopify, and Wayfair stores, but MyDepot is giving reasonable business plans with effective shipping fees for your customer community.

As you’ll be able to see, there is a plus to having a MyDepot membership. however, that is the catch–you need to get hold of a monthly subscription. Now, for a thriving business, this is not planning to be a tangle the least bit. $12. 9 per month for access to wholesale-like costs will be created up with many sales every month. However, some start-ups may realize this is expensive.

Anyway, let’s take a glance at the valuation plans:

Basic – free trial for 14 days with five stores option. It gets you a $0.99 per-order fee, access to many product catalogs within the marketplace, access to many suppliers, a community Q&A, MyDepot Deals in a very weekly email, live coaching webinars, and email support.

Business plan – $12. 9 per month for everything in basic, together with Shopify, Amazon, and Way Fair knowledge export, associate Elite marketer report, and live chat support.

Enterprise plan – $49.99 per month for everything within the previous plans, associate Amazon knowledge export, batch order transfer, unlimited store options, custom knowledge export, street value knowledge, and direct phone support.

A free 14-day trial is out there for you to check out. However, MyDepot will pull that previous move of asking for your Mastercard to achieve access to the free trial. Then it’s a disclaimer that says it’s principally to assist service customers better–which we tend to all grasp is nonsense.

Free to install $14.99/month $49.99/month
Shipping Fees & Product Purchase Fees or $12.50/month billed at $150 once per year or $41.67/month billed at $500 once per year
5 Stores Shipping Fees & Product Purchase Fees Shipping Fees & Product Purchase Fees
10,000 + Products 20 Store Integrations Unlimited Stores
US-Based Inventory 10,000 + US-Based Products 10,000 + US-Based Products
Product Status Alerts Unlimited Product Exports Full Product & Shipping Notifications
Responsive Customer Service Full Product & Shipping Notifications Incredible Customer Service
  Incredible Customer Service Unlimited Product Exports

After the free trial, you can cancel the purchase of premium orders by the cancellation link of MyDepot from account settings. There is no need for further purchase if you are not satisfied yet.