Roy Gagaza: When It Comes to a Successful Retirement, Proper Healthcare Planning Is Essential

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Written By Charlotte Miller

When preparing for retirement, few things are more important than good healthcare expense planning. That’s precisely why Roy Gagaza’s trailblazing WealthWize Way approach to retirement incorporates proper healthcare planning from the outset. WealthWize Way pioneer Gagaza is the co-founder of Journey Wealth Management.

Journey Wealth Management is an award-winning independent financial services firm with offices in California and Hawaii. The firm helps individuals and couples pursue their ideal retirements, allowing them to face the future confidently. Journey Wealth Management believes every successful retirement journey begins with a purposeful first step, often facilitated by a free, no-obligation WealthWize Way assessment.

The WealthWize Way from Journey Wealth Management addresses investments, taxes, income, healthcare, and estate planning. The following is a closer look at the independent financial services firm’s forward-thinking approach to healthcare planning as a part of retirees’ journeys in later life, courtesy of financial consultant Gagaza.

Healthcare Cost Worries

Healthcare is getting more and more expensive. That’s why the healthcare portion of the WealthWize Way is just as critical as planning for investments, taxes, income and legacy needs, according to Journey Wealth Management co-founder Roy Gagaza. Gagaza reports that healthcare costs in later life can now top $250,000 for today’s seniors. That’s as three out of five seniors will require long-term care.

Gagaza and his team at Journey Wealth Management address these and other costs by looking at each element of the WealthWize Way in parallel. That includes tax-free investments, life insurance, and more.

Moreover, Gagaza and Journey Wealth Management also specialize in retirement income planning through the WealthWize Way. Gagaza reports that as many as 80 percent of pre-retirees lack an income plan, which can seriously impact healthcare needs in later life.

Areas of Focus

Healthcare in retirement broadly consists of two major areas – the already-mentioned long-term care and Medicare. Journey Wealth Management has back-office support representatives now dealing with Medicare. That includes Medicare Advantage, Medicare supplements, and many other areas tied to the federal health insurance programs.

By specializing in healthcare planning, Roy Gagaza and the Journey Wealth Management team put retirees and pre-retirees on the best path to a successful future where the landscape in the U.S. is constantly changing. The Journey Wealth Management team is on hand to answer any questions individuals and families may have about proper healthcare planning for a successful retirement.

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