Salesforce Automation Testing – Features and Benefits

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Written By Charlotte Miller

Opkey Salesforce testing serves as the most reliable process that can be carried out within an organization. Hassle-free upgrades, integration of the Salesforce system, and testing procedures for the business of workflows can all be made possible through a single solution. Salesforce reduces manual intervention and helps in carrying out automated testing procedures which can help in improving the overall business work closely. The user interface related to the Salesforce system can be enhanced and the bugs in the same can be removed which can help with hassle-free adoption.

There are various features and benefits of a Salesforce automated system. These are as follows:

  1. Reduction of manual testing efforts:

The automated testing tool is completely capable of carrying out necessary testing procedures automatically. The test scripts and libraries are already embedded within the solution that can be used for carrying out the testing processes. The need for any manual intervention is reduced which can be further used for other core purposes. Moreover, it makes use of artificial intelligence and machine learning-based technologies for carrying out all the best testing processes automatically.

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  1. End-to-end testing:

End-to-end testing analysis can be carried out for better workflows. Customized third-party applications and various other solutions embedded within the Salesforce system can be easily analysed. Every aspect related to a Salesforce system can be easily understood, tested, and analysed for understanding their proper functionality and removal of any kind of bugs.

  1. Creation of reusable test scripts:

The solution can even provide enough flexibility to the testers within an organization to create test scripts that they may need for carrying out better and improved testing processes. New test scripts can be created and embedded within for testing and regression analysis.

  1. Automatic scheduling:

The solution can join automatically and can perform the necessary testing procedure efficiently through the use of artificial intelligence-based technology. The testing procedures can be scheduled and carried out automatically without any manual effort. Latest maintenance efforts are reduced to a great extent as well as machine learning and AI technology can carry out all the necessary processes without any manual effort.

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  1. Generation of automatic reports:

Automatic reports can be easily generated through the use of the Salesforce automation tool. Diagnosis and aggression analysis-based features can be carried out to identify any kind of bugs in the new upgraded system. Every bit of information is made available in the form of automatic reports that can be analysed and used by business managers and testers. Bugs identified, test scripts used, and the need for manual intervention of all compiled within dedicated reports which one can get their hands on.

All the Salesforce modules also used within an organization by the cloud, marketing, CPQ, and billing can be easily handled through a single Salesforce interface. The solution serves as no-code testing that can carry out regression and important answers on its own. End-to-end testing procedures can be carried out for third-party applications and business workflows to identify bugs and ensure the full functionality of the Salesforce system.