Seven Essential Shoes Every Woman Must Have

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Written By Charlotte Miller

The concept of shoes has been around for mankind for centuries. The earliest known pair of shoes dates back to 7000-8000 BCE and was made from bark. Shoes were essentially made for the protection of our feet, but today, they are more than that.

Nowadays, there are several types of shoes with the potential to make fashion statements and function well for every part of your day and life. The fast-paced fashion world has drawn the attention of people to fashion shoe stores with a promise of ensuring comfort and style side-by-side.

If you are also someone who cares about style and comfort thinking about footwear, here are a few types of footwear you must consider for yourself.

  1. Ankle Boots

Let us start with the classic additions to your wardrobe. No woman can consider her shoe collection complete without a pair of ankle boots, preferably black. A comfortable pair of ankle boots goes with a variety of apparel.

You can wear these comfortable boots to create a statement with skirts, pants, dresses, and much more. A sturdy pair can last you for years to come. The best part is that you can wear it during spring, winter, and fall without compromising your comfort or style sense.

  1. Wedge Boots

Stiletto heels have been a great addition to the fashion industry, especially for women who want to add height and improve their stance. However, every woman, regardless of their experience with heels, can agree that they can be uncomfortable at times.

Women who are looking for a balance between heels and comfort must check out wedge boots for women. They help elongate your legs without sacrificing stability and comfort. They provide support to your knees, hips, and back by providing a complete surface area for your feet to relax.

  1. Strapped Sandals

While wedges and boots can give you comfort during spring, winter, and fall, you cannot forget about letting your feet free during summer. There is nothing better than breezy summer dresses paired with strapped sandals to take great pictures on a sunny day.

You can pair your strappy sandals with formal dresses, date outfits, and even casual brunches. You may want to choose neutral colours if you want to make the best of your sandals. A smart colour choice will make the pairing process easier for you.

  1. Ballet Flats

Ballet flats have been a part of every woman’s shoe collection for decades, and looking at the trends, it is safe to say that they are not going away any time soon. It is not just the looks of ballet shoes that makes it so special. They have great functionality and can be easily paired with everyday outfits.

This classic shoe can be worn with dresses, skirts, trousers, and much more. No matter what you wear it with, these shoes can elevate your outfit while ensuring your comfort. Ballet shoes can make you look more feminine and chic to stand out among a crowd.

  1. Sneakers

When you consider must-have pairs in your shoe collection, you cannot overlook the importance of athletic wear. There has always been a need for at least one pair of athletic shoe wear for women, and this need has been felt and highlighted over the past decade. Now, they have become an incontestable part of every woman’s wardrobe.

Basic athletic shoes such as sneakers are not limited to women who go to the gym or go for a run every day. They can be a great match with your casual and sporty outfits. You can explore a variety of colours, styles, and designs to fit your needs and fashion sense.

  1. Knee-High Boots

You cannot consider entering fall without a stylish pair of knee-high boots. They are a great match for someone who does not want to feel chilly while maintaining their sense of fashion. You can wear these shoes in winter and spring as well without feeling odd.

It is best to choose knee-high boots with a block heel to ensure comfort and style together. It is always best to go with a classic approach of black or brown knee-high boots to ensure that they match a greater variety of your dresses and skirts.

  1. Basic Pumps

There is nothing more important than a pair of basic pumps for a woman’s wardrobe. This classic pair must be a part of every woman’s wardrobe, preferably in different colour options to match everyday outfits. If not, you can consider purchasing beige or nude pumps to ensure your comfort.

Basic pumps can also play a significant role in elongating your legs. Nude pumps with skin-coloured stockings can make you look taller. You can choose pointed pumps to give this effect a boost. These shoes in a neutral colour scheme can go well with a variety of dresses.