Seven Most Intelligent Cat Breeds

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Written By Charlotte Miller

Many individuals opt for felines as pets owing to their high intelligence. The intelligence of these fluffy creatures is best expressed through their ability to be trained, their flexibility, and their interaction with humans and other animals. 

Smart felines thrive on social interaction, adapt to different environments, and learn rules easily. They enjoy puzzles, teaser toys, cat trees, and other games for mental and physical stimulation.

The following seven cat breeds are some of the smartest in the feline family.


Abyssinian felines are doubtlessly the most intelligent cat breed one can adopt. They are widely preferred as pets because of their inquisitive character and desire to investigate every single angle of the house. As soon as something grabs their interest, they focus on it and make sure they explore it. Check out this website,, to gain a better insight into this domestic cat breed. 

Moreover, the Abyssinian loves to sit up high, usually on top of cupboards, to keep track of everything that happens in the household. It’s of the utmost importance to keep your feline companion occupied with various activities, such as puzzle toys, as these pose a challenge to his/her intelligence. Abyssinians enjoy the company not just of humans but of other felines and canines. The most important thing for owners is to provide them with sufficient mental stimulation. 

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Apart from being an intelligent feline breed, the Burmese cat, also known as Burma Katze in German, is likable for its cheerfulness as well. These smart felines are believed to have a canine-like personality owing to their love for human interaction. Potential pet parents are advised to get two of these cats to make each other company. 

Furthermore, the intelligence of Burmese felines goes hand in hand with their sociable personality. The curiosity and playfulness of this breed aren’t only present when they are kittens but continues into their adulthood. Burmese cats are fond of interactive toys and new tricks, which stimulate their intelligence. They are fast learners and just adore being challenged with new activities. 

Scottish Fold

The Scottish Fold is another smart cat breed whose behavior resembles that of humans. The manners and sitting posture of these clever animals come as an imitation of the behavior of their owners. Nevertheless, due to having an inquisitive personality, Scottish Folds tend to get bored quickly. If left by themselves at home, they might become destructive shortly after becoming bored. 

The only way for owners to prevent such destructive behavior is by providing various toys and puzzles to test their mental skills. Your feline will expect you to be in the mood for playing a game after coming home from work, as they easily get bored when playing by themselves. 

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Bengal cats strongly resemble leopards; only they’re much smaller and more sociable. They are confident, curious, athletic, and clever. Although classified as domestic felines, Bengals have retained some aspects of their wild character. These exotic cats require vast vertical space for climbing, jumping, and playing. Some owners have even taught their Bengal companions to fetch. 

In terms of mental stimulation, most pet parents have a hard time finding toys that are challenging enough to keep Bengals occupied. Puzzle games are definitely the favorite choice of most felines. Bengal cats use their nimble paws as hands. Some of them are skilled enough to pull items out of drawers or switch lights on and off. 


Another intelligent cat breed, which is considered rare, is the Korat. It’s named after a province in Thailand, and Thai people think of this breed as good luck. Korats can easily master any trick and game owing to their brilliant intelligence. While they willingly engage in interactive games, Korats love having frequent naps as well. 

In addition, Korat owners come across no issues when teaching their companions about household rules. By rewarding their positive behavior with praise or treats, pet parents can teach them to behave properly. There is plenty of information on Korat cats online related to their personality, origin, and physical characteristics. Regarding its toys, Korats aren’t exactly fond of sharing them with others, which is worth noting if you have other pets. 


Another rare intelligent breed in the family of cats is the Savannah. The wild side of this breed results from its African origin, visible in its attitude and appearance. Similar to the Korat, the Savannah requires large space for jumping, running, and playing. If not stimulated sufficiently, these clever felines become bored and start behaving mischievously. 

Moreover, Savannah cats don’t mind taking walks on a leash or playing in the water. However, their favorite activities involve rummaging through cabinets, drawers, and boxes. Some Savannahs are even skilled in turning on the tap. Homeowners are recommended to remove their breakables from the shelves, as Savannahs will keep on climbing on top of them. 


The Balinese is yet another smart cat breed that loves being engaged in physical and mental activities. These curious felines apply an investigative approach with their humans, following them around and expressing their opinion through meowing. 

Besides puzzles, Balinese felines enjoy teaser toys as well, along with a large tree for climbing. They can also learn to fetch and walk on a leash. When left unstimulated for a while, they will probably get into some sort of mischief. 

Final thoughts

Caring for a smart feline means keeping it mentally and physically stimulated at all times!