Solar and Storage; The Perfect Match

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Written By Berry Mathew

Battery storage technology ensures solar-powered homes maintain power even after sunset. It has systems that work effectively without needing a lot of maintenance. You only keep changing the inverter because it continuously works to convert solar energy into heat energy, and you are good to go.

Are you tired of yearly increments in the cost of energy, high electricity bills, and being given ridiculously high quotes from companies? Consider getting solar panels and battery storage systems for your home. Visit us at West Bay Energy-a one-stop solar Installation company, we are a company that takes 100 percent responsibility for our production.

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It Saves you from the Heavy Emotional and Financial Toll of Power Outages.

During a power outage, having a solar and storage combination will allow you to power the lights and appliances you often use. The problem of power outages is rampant in most countries, including the US, mainly because of the following:

  • Increased weather threats
  • Frequent grid instability
  • Utility-mandated outages

The imminent threat of power outages causes fear and stress to homeowners and businesses regardless of the size of the premise. An associated press release of government and utility data confirmed that power outages in the past two decades due to weather events have doubled in America.

Sometimes residents have to deal with regular or daily power outages because of an aging grid and lack of maintenance which has adverse effects on the continuity of learning in schools, traffic lights operation, and health and safety, among others. A solar-only system is sound but cannot store power for later use in case of outages, so you need to combine it with a storage system.

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It gives you the Maximum Economic Benefits of a Solar System.

There are different storage configuration options designed to help you maximize your savings. If you are trying to decide whether to get a battery with a solar system or not, think about the financial benefits associated with it. The solar batteries we have today do much more than just charging and powering appliances and lights. They have storage configuration options that come in handy, especially for people living in time-of-use (TOU) areas.

At west bay energy, we handle the configurations for you to give, allowing you to enjoy the economic benefits fully. While installing and configuring the solar battery, we must first understand your relationship with the grid and your utility. That information helps us ensure that your battery powers your critical loads and takes full advantage of the incentives and rebates. 

It increases your Energy Independence.

When you combine a home solar and storage system with smart energy consumption, you minimize your use of grid-tied power while maximizing your energy savings regardless of where you live and your local utilities. Whether you want to install a solar system in your home with a storage battery simultaneously or you want to add a battery to an already existing solar system, we got you covered.

At west bay energy, we want all our clients empowered to have more control over their energy consumption and bills. If you are interested in solar panel and battery installation and need to learn how to finance the project, rest assured that we can take care of that with our financing options.

  •  Financing Options

We make it easier for our clients through options like solar leases or a power purchase agreement (PPA) and solar loans so that they can take advantage of the benefits of solar energy for lack of cash to pay upfront.

The financing options are inclusive of labor, permitting, and more. Owning your system has benefits; for instance, you are eligible to benefit from a federal tax credit that can help you recover a portion of the retail price of your solar battery.

Also, you can benefit from local incentives; for instance, California has the California Self Generation Incentive program (SGIP).  SGIP combined with federal tax credit may cover up to half the battery’s retail cost.

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It is More Cost-effective to Install Both Systems at Once

Investing in a battery platform when installing solar panels allows for a more cost-effective solution by reducing extra installation expenses. Selecting a battery system with an all-in-one inverter will also help you save some money as you won’t have to buy a separate inverter for the solar panel and another one for the battery.

Combining solar energy with battery storage maximizes your return on investment. It allows you to save your renewable energy so you can use it at night without drawing energy from the power grid. When you have solar energy storage in your home, you can store all the excess energy your solar panel has produced.