Spanish Paradise: Unforgettable Adventures in Ibiza

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Written By Juliet D'cruz

The small Spanish Island of Ibiza is world-renowned as the party capital of the world. For decades, the island has developed its name in the electronic music scene, boasting nightclubs that function almost 24/7, meaning that in Ibiza, the party never stops. Although in recent years the island has made a push to become more family friendly, which has definitely succeeded in some regions, it still does remain one of the ultimate locations in the world to visit if you want to party and have a good time. Aside from clubs, the island boasts countless beaches, with crystal-clear waters and lots of opportunities to enjoy water sports (like jet skis and parasailing). In this article, we plan to put together an itinerary for the ultimate Ibiza trip, including everything from Partying to Adventure! 

Before we do that though, let’s first talk about the most important part of any vacation: airport transportation. It would suck if you visited the country, only to get stuck waiting in a long taxi line at the airport. If you had booked your Ibiza Airport taxi with AtoB Transfer in advance, you could be pool-side sipping a Pina Colada, rather than stood sweating in a taxi line. Here’s a word of advice, book your trip now, and you’ll thank us later. Book a transfer is even more beneficial for families, as, aside from larger vehicles, you can also include child seats, making the trip more comfortable for young ones.

Now, with transportation out of the way, we’re going to Ibiza!

Historic Town Centre

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, which has been beautifully preserved, allows you to look into over 2,500 years of this island’s history. You can spend an entire day walking through the old town, visiting museums and cathedrals, going to boutique stores and finally sitting down at one of the many restaurants and bars to enjoy some tasty food. Head over to the castle, to see its 9 towers which date back to the 16th century; although you can’t enter the castle, simply viewing it from the outside is a fun experience. After the castle, make your way to one of the many restaurants to sample some tapas. This Spanish style of food consists of small plates, perfect to be shared alongside a delicious wine. By booking an AtoB Ibiza airport taxi, you can drink as much wine as you please, as you won’t need to drive!

Playa d’en Bossa

We had to mention at least one beach on this list, as Ibiza has no shortage of amazing beaches. This one, close to the main resort area of the island, is a paradise for holiday-makers. You can spend the day relaxing on a sunbed, drinking tasty cocktails and enjoying the music coming out of the many beach bars. There are also a lot of restaurants on the strip, which offer some of the freshest seafood you will likely ever have. As the sun goes down, the beach strip turns into a party district, with lots of clubs either opening only at night, or some converting from restaurant into nightclub as the sun sets. This beach resort is a short drive from the old town, and you can easily get directions or be taken directly there by your AtoB airport taxi cab driver. 


Snow white sand and crystal-clear waters define this beautiful beach. Located closer to the old town than the previous addition, this beach offers a more chill experience, with less people and calmer waters. If you are visiting the island with children, the waters here are perfect for them, as, due to the beach being located between two headlands, there is rarely a strong tide or many big waves. From here, you can enjoy water sports or even go for a day cruise. There are a number of boats offering a trip from here, even glass-bottom boats which allow you to see the seabed and fishes below, promising to be an amazing trip. Another amazing trip is of course your Ibiza airport transfer, which can be booked easily through AtoB’s online portal. 

Horse riding on the coast

Are you an equestrian? Or does the idea of riding a horse across the seashore at sunset just sound too great to miss out on? Well, fortunately for you, whatever the case is, you can get your horse fix in Ibiza. There are a multitude of providers who offer you the ability to ride horseback across the beach. This is also very accessible for families who want their children to try out horse riding, as the instructors there are always happy to cater to children, promising a safe and fun experience for everyone. 


As has been said, Ibiza is all about clubbing. Although there are many non-club activities for one to engage in on the island, it would be a shame to visit the nightclub capital of the world without visiting at least one of the clubs available here. There are so many options, that you are spoiled for choice. You can visit more relaxed clubs, or go full-out, whatever you want. There are also clubs that are open 24/7, so even if you feel like partying at 8 in the morning, you are able to do so. Something else that runs 24/7 is AtoB Ibiza airport taxi service, which is available to you no matter what time you arrive on the island.

We hope we have piqued your interest in Ibiza in this brief article. Our intention was to provide you with a basic itinerary to ensure you make the most out of your upcoming holiday. From beaches to boat tours to nightclubs, there is a little of everything to enjoy on this jewel in the Mediterranean. Happy Travels and enjoy your time in Ibiza!

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