Sports and technology are more fun together

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Written By Charlotte Miller

In the ’90s, aerobics videotapes by supermodel Cindy Crawford were popular. Ask your moms and grandmothers how famous they were. This was the first fitness app. Sports have always been and will always be present in people’s lives. Because people strive to be healthy and slim. Numerous social media promotes outwardly honed beauty. Everyone looks at their idols whether it’s a model, singer, actor, soccer player, and wants to be like them. Only if before everyone went to gyms, ran in the parks, but the COVID-19 pandemic has moved the training to online and created a new niche in the market of services. Therefore, many businessmen wonder how to create a fitness app

A modern citizen of a megalopolis spends 8 hours at work and another 2 hours on average. Where to find time to go to the gym? In the modern world, people have become conscious about their health. They watch their diet, the amount of water they drink, the steps they take. Add to this spiritual development. Living under constant stress leads to a shortage of internal resources. Meditation, yoga, and other things where you can replenish your emotional resources come to the rescue. And the lack of time and the need for exercise gives unlimited opportunities for developers to create a fitness app demanded by the user.

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To each his own needs

People’s hobbies are varied, some like Pilates, some participate in marathons, learn to tango or believe in breathing practices, some go to cafés with their own scales and calculate the proportion of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. The only thing they have in common is one app on the phone.

They can be very different:

For self-training

It’s your guide to proper technique, with options for selecting a set of exercises, tutorial videos, and helpful articles. Basically, everything so you don’t need a gym or personal trainer and come to the body of your dreams.


If you count every gram of boiled chicken before you eat it. Then there’s definitely an app on your smartphone where you put that information. It’s impossible to keep that much data in your head. They help those who are in the process of correcting body volume. These can range from simple ones for counting the number of glasses of water you drink to multi-functional ones with developing weight gain plans, videos on how to prepare healthy meals, taking into account the results achieved.

Personal Trainer

Personal training software for trainers gives you the opportunity to be in touch with a trainer anywhere in the world. At the same time, you will be provided with the control over the technique of performance and an individually selected program to achieve the desired result.


Travel, the incomprehensible mystery of longevity in Asian countries popularized such activities as yoga, meditation, breathing practices and others. Perhaps this has more to do with man’s desire to be closer to nature. Being aware of these processes, many strive to create a fitness app to help people in their aspirations.


These are large-scale products that cover several client tasks at once. Provide comprehensive solutions in multiple areas at once and in various designs. To reach more users and create communities, thus keeping attention.


When developers create a fitness app, they only put in a simple counting function. For example, how many steps you took in the park, at what speed you went.

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How does an app go from an ugly duckling to a swan

Of course, you’re not the only one who came up with the idea to create a fitness app. The question arises as to how to stand out from the competition. Consider the following points:

  • Simplify. Allow the user to quickly sign up using third-party popular sources. This will save him time and keep his attention.
  • Provide functionality. Connect and support fitness devices, geolocation, many consumers are used to having them all the time. From this data, your product can create personalized workout plans. This approach is always appreciated by the clients.
  • Use notifications. In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it’s easy to forget about your workouts. So when you create a fitness app, consider the need to remind the user of their goals and how to achieve them. Don’t let him forget about the product. Help to form a habit.
  • Watch out for security. The customer has to be sure that all the personal information is protected and won’t end up in the public domain.

Fashion is not just for street style

As there are trends on the podiums of Paris and New York, so it is for programmers when they create a fitness app. To keep the product relevant, it is worth introducing new features for users.

  • AR VR technology. This is how you aim to keep users’ attention, to turn their routine workouts into an exciting adventure. Imagine a person stretching not on the 15th floor of a one-room apartment, but on the shore of a mountain lake with birds singing. Modern technology can make it happen.
  • Gamification. A competitive moment is a great way to increase motivation and help build a habit of exercising. Rewards, ratings among users, incentives are used for this purpose. In this case, training becomes a fascinating game, the client achieves the goals. The developers create a fitness app and get popular project.
  • Artificial Intelligence. Do not be surprised, it already selects for us the music we will like, movies we will enjoy. Machine codes analyze our condition through fitness devices, favorite foods, hobbies, and suggest relevant advertising. So why shouldn’t AI keep track of our workout technique, make individualized plans and nutrition programs.

Cost and timing of development

No matter what you decide to create a fitness app or any other, you should start with a step-by-step plan. A budget calculation will be a must. You should outline the main stages:

  • Projecting
  • Analysis of target audience and competitors
  • Design
  • Testing and error correction
  • Product Maintenance

The cost of development is made up of the time specialists work on the project. It’s difficult to specify exact figures here, because it all depends on the complexity of your product. As a rule, it takes from 280 hours. According to the estimates, the entire project can start from $23,000, and take from 5 months. Talk to trusted teams, analyze their cases, prices and experience.

Is there a better time to create a fitness app? Right here, right now. Analysts are preparing for 18% annual growth in this field. Due to world events and the development of innovative technologies, the worldwide popularity of online sports will increase. This is a successful idea to implement.