Spring Home Design Trends to Sell Your Home Fast

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Written By Berry Mathew

Whether you’re looking to sell your house and understand what an appraiser will be looking for, or you simply want your home to be fully on trend for the latest designs, spring is a great time to refresh your decor. It’s possible to prioritize comfort and beauty while also bringing a bit of the spring spirit into your space. At the same time, you want to make sure that any larger pieces you add are both seasonal and timeless, a tall order that is best accomplished with a few thoughtful accessories, like blankets or small accent rugs.

Here are just a few options for making your home look and feel its best, whether for yourself or for an upcoming home sale

Make Use of Greenery and Spring Growth Both Inside and Outside

Whether you opt for a jungle of houseplants or just open the window shades onto the growth outside, make new plant growth part of your design. Silk flowers are great if your family has any environmental allergies, but if you can include houseplants, they have the extra benefit of improving the air’s quality. Greenery and flowers, if they are easy to care for, can be a great small spruce-up for a room that automatically makes the space feel more ready for winter’s end.

Bright Colors and Neutrals Work All Year But Benefit From Spring’s Light

If you’re considering painting or adding a few new splashes of color, go bright for Spring! Anything that really pops in the warm glow of window-light is a great fit for this season. If you want your decor to be a little easier to transition between seasons, neutrals that warm up under a sunlit window can be great: a toasty tan, grey with a hint of green, and creamy whites all look great in a spring room.

Convey the Oasis of Comfort That Home Should Be

Colors and plants only do so much – if you’re going to add new furniture for this spring refresh, consider opting for something comfortable. In the past few years, the soft, the plush, and the functional has all experienced a resurgence – people want a good place to curl up with a mug of tea. A high-quality armchair can be the focal point of a sunroom, living room, or den, and other spaces benefit from seating like a deep, comfy couch or even ceiling suspended hammock chairs. While these items should be personalized to what you and your family need, choosing to stage a home for sale as comfortable can really help buyers see themselves relaxing in your space during the spring. 

Most of the ways to update your home design that work best for Spring can be easily updated for the rest of the year, with houseplants bursting into bloom in the summer and adding their own color palettes, to the option to add a warm earth-toned throw blanket to the back of your recliner when the cool weather returns. With these tips, you can create a new feel in your home design for spring that can easily transfer to a summer, fall, and winter feel with just a few small tweaks and accessories. Enjoy!