Subscriptions You Need to Consider 

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Written By Charlotte Miller

We live in a world dominated by subscriptions. There are so many types, and they’re popular to give as presents because they quite literally are the gift that keeps on giving. That being said, there are plenty of subscriptions that can add value to your own life and that are well worth investing in (if you haven’t already).  

We’ve put together some of our top choices that everyone can benefit from, no matter what type of person you are, but aside from this list, the possibilities quite literally are endless! 

  1. Music Streaming 

The first subscription you need to consider is to a music streaming service. This will allow you to create your own portable playlist that you can listen to at any time of the day or night and not have to sit through ads. This provides a streamlined listening experience that is free of interruptions, allowing you to commute, workout, or simply relax to your own tunes, on your own terms. 

You can typically listen across devices, including on your phone and computer, and you can share playlists with other people, too. If you love music or simply hate ads, a music subscription will be well worth the money. 

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  1. Movie Streaming 

In a similar manner, if you enjoy watching films, subscribing to a movie streaming service is ideal. You’ll have a vast array of films at your instant disposal. You won’t need to worry about recording a film on the TV or making it home in time to catch the beginning. You also don’t need to sit through adverts, making for more enjoyable viewing. 

Most movie streaming services also offer TV shows and box sets, so there’s plenty for you to get your teeth into. 

  1. Charity Sponsorship

Subscriptions can benefit other people as much as yourself, and a charity sponsorship falls into this category. Whether you donate to a local animal shelter on a monthly basis or choose to give money to an orphan sponsorship, this is one subscription-type model that will make a real difference. It’s not those on the receiving end that will benefit – you can, too. 

Giving to charity has been shown to improve your mental wellbeing and reduce feelings of stress and isolation, making it worthwhile for everyone involved.

  1. Pet Subscriptions 

Do you have a pet? If so, signing up to a pet subscription box is a great idea! Finding the time to go to the pet store to stock up on food, treats, and toys can be hard, especially when it seems like your furry friend is getting through them at a rapid pace. With a pet subscription box, you can rest assured that your cat, dog, reptile, or small furry will have a consistent flow of treats and enrichment supplies. 

Never again will you have to look at the puppy dog eyes you get when you run out of their favorite snack, nor will you need to make a mad dash to the pet store. 

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  1. Snack Boxes 

There’s nothing worse than fancying something nice to eat and having no snacks on hand. The good news is, you don’t need to worry about going to the shops when you sign up to a snack subscription box. From cheese and chocolate to nuts and biscuits, there’s a snack box out there to suit every taste. 


Whether you’re looking for entertainment services or something you can eat, there’s a subscription box for it. Most of them allow you to cancel at any time, and many have introductory offers that allow you to essentially try before you buy. Hopefully you’ll get some inspiration from these five suggestions, if not for you, then for a friend.