Superwoman Hacks: Moms Should Take Time to Relax

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Written By Charlotte Miller

Mothers are our real-life superheroes. 

From birth to forever, these superwomen give us everything we need (and want) in life unconditionally. The life of a mother is stressful; even when they say being a mother is a blessing, dealing with child growth and other personal obligations is a hustle and a hassle for mothers. 

However, the pandemic and quarantine have given mothers a new set of challenges. It has been an overload for mothers doing household chores and working at home. Imagine juggling laundry, dishes, regular cleanings, kids’ online schooling, and meetings for work. It is pretty overwhelming to get things done around the house.

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Superwomen should take time to relax too. Here are the things moms should not be guilty to do:

  1. Learn Your Signs of Stress.

You cannot start this mission if you do not know the problem. It is crucial to identify first what stresses you and the signs that you are stressed. When you are in a stressful situation, you notice your increase in blood pressure, heart rate, restlessness, and sometimes you might feel dizzy. You must take note of these physical signs. Moreover, do not overlook your mood swings. These are the signs your body is signaling how stressed you are. 

Aside from the signs of stress, it is important to identify the time when you are most stressed. There are some pain points from your daily routine that causes you a lot of stress. Let’s say preparing for work and your children for school gives you more stress than any time of the day. Thus, if you plan ahead and prepare at night, you become time-effective in the morning. 

  1. Schedule a Relaxation Time or Day-Out

Moms always have several things on their plates. That’s why it is essential to schedule a time out. You can either have a few minutes to relax before you start the day You can also consider attending a yoga retreat in Tulum or any yoga retreats for relaxation and to breathe away the stress.

Whatever relaxation activity you plan, it does not have to be grand. What, what matters is you enjoy yourself. Take some time to enjoy the things you have wanted to do. Having something to look forward can elevate your mood.

If you are worried about the household chores, you can catch up with them the next day. But, if the piling laundry or messy room bothers you that much, call a laundry pickup and delivery or hire a maid service for the day. 

  1. Call a Friend

What are friends are for? Do not forget to call a friend when you feel stuffed. Talking to an adult or someone who can relate to you lifts the weight you are carrying. It is nice to reconnect with some friends and talk about a glimpse of your daily life. It helps take off what’s weighing you at the moment.

A support group is an excellent help in offering perspective and wisdom on your situation. Whether it is a formal support group or your friends, these are people that make you feel comfortable to share your frustrations and give you positive and constructive feedback.

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  1. Go on a Walk or Exercise

Parks are open to the public. It is a great way to break the stress by going on a walk. A breath of fresh air and seeing beautiful sceneries can clear your mind. Aside from it giving you more time to focus, it is a way of exercising.

If you want a more challenging exercise, choose an activity that you enjoy doing. Other than that, you can pick a workout routine for each day and rotate them to let each family member exercise together. Exercise has consistently proven its ability to help people relax and cope with stress. Adding an exercise routine enables you to relax, but this also takes a whole level of commitment to ensure that you can go for a walk and mild exercise.

  1. Watch a Heartwarming Movie

Have you found a relaxing or heartwarming movie to watch? It is an excellent opportunity to entertain yourselves with some modern or classic film. Although you are at home, you can relax with your favorite snacks to munch in front of the television. 

  1. Take a Warm Bath

A bathtub and a day off are some of the best combinations for relaxation. You can take a warm bath on your scheduled day off. Aside from your hectic mind, the warm bath will help relax your tensed muscles.

You can also arrange a more pleasant bath experience by having essential oils or scented candles. The scents will calm and keep your mind clear.

  1. Meditate and Write a Journal

Meditation helps you clear your mind. Although you are only sitting down and not thinking about anything, it works. Moreover, if you practice meditation regularly, it helps you increase your focus. 

Writing a journal is as good as meditating for a couple of minutes. It helps you release your thoughts and frustrations. You will be amazed at how writing your emotions on paper can help you calm down. 

  1. Take Time to Laugh

You can always use humor to lighten stressful situations. A laugh releases a lot of tension from our faces. It makes us forget about the things we are stressed about. Nothing beats having a good time with your family. 

Key Takeaway

Indeed, having some time to relax takes effort and scheduling. These suggestions are only partial, and there are plenty of other ways you can relax. We all know how only some can take a day off easily, which is why it is crucial to do a trial and error to know which activities can help you relax. You simply have to find what suits you best. 

If moms manage their stress well and keep a positive perspective, they can spend more quality time with their family and create happy memories. Let’s try to balance everything; it may be overwhelming but do not forget there is always a community that helps you throughout the stress and frustrations.