Surviving the Holiday Buffet: Strategies for Smart Eating

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Written By Charlotte Miller

If there’s one thing that we know about the holidays, it’s that it’s a time when there’s a lot of food that we may not normally eat a lot of. With so many invitations and holiday cheer going around, it could be a challenge to stay on top of our smart eating. Here are a few things to think about this holiday season:

Eat well at home

If you want to enjoy treats at your holiday buffet invitations, think about coming up with a healthy meal plan for meals at home or at work. With the abundance of holiday treats, it may not be all that easy to stay healthy and eat well. But with a meal delivery service, you can create the type of healthy meal plan that gets you through the holiday season a bit more relaxed and confident about your dietary choices. Balance is key for a healthy and happy holiday season.

Don’t say yes to everything

The holiday season may be full of holiday invitations, and while you will want to say yes to those that matter to you, you don’t have to take everything that’s offered. Declining some invitations can be healthier in more ways than one, and if you do go to many holiday events, consider cutting back on the treats that you would normally eat if you feel like you’ve been having a bit too much this holiday season. Don’t deny yourself goodies, but make sure you’re enjoying the holiday buffets in moderation if you have healthy living goals in mind.

Eat a little healthier than normal

You may have a rather relaxed diet on a regular basis. You may eat healthy food most days, but every now and then you allow yourself some sugar. On other days, you may have more carbs than someone with a regimented diet may eat. However, if you’re looking to stay on the healthier side of things during the holidays, it’s important to consider a bit of a healthier daily diet so that you can allow yourself those extra treats without the fear of feeling sluggish or weight gain.

Consider hosting with healthier options

If you want to be sure that you are eating as healthy as possible, consider creating a holiday meal plan for your own holiday events that does include treats but also includes healthier alternatives to the typical holiday fare you may be used to.

There’s nothing wrong with starting new traditions this holiday season. Maybe you and your family are going vegan. Consider coming up with a holiday meal plan that is designed around this type of dietary plan. If you don’t feel like you’re the best cook, hire a chef to help you out.

Don’t be hard on yourself

If you’re someone who has had eating issues in the past, the holidays may be stressing you out. Perhaps you’re someone who has lost a lot of weight this year, but with the holidays around the corner, you may be worried that you’re going to gain some weight if you enjoy some extra treats.

Give yourself credit for the hard work you’ve put into your fitness goals, but also allow yourself to enjoy this season of extra sweets and family time. Enjoy your grandma’s pies this season, and know that you’ll get back to your healthy eating plans and habits when the season passes. Balance the extra treats with healthy meals, and you’ll be okay.

In Conclusion

With a bit of balance and some planning, you can eat healthy food and also enjoy holiday treats. Remember that this is just a small part of the year, and a little bit of extra food and calories is not the end of the world. Do what you can to balance holiday buffets with your favorite holiday meals, and you’ll find this to be quite an enjoyable time for you.