Taking Control of Your Health: Essential Medical Tests and Checkups for Adults

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Written By Berry Mathew

Taking care of your health is a never-ending process. Sometimes, it can feel tedious, but staying on top of your well-being is so worth it. Below, we’ll discuss some of the primary essential tests and checkups you’ll want to have addressed to ensure you’re in good health as an adult. By staying on track with the following health checkups, you can take control of your health preemptively and ultimately live your healthiest life.

Annual Wellness Visit

It is essential to attend your annual wellness visit for preventative care and to rule out any underlying issues that may be going on with you, and seeing your health practitioner once a year is a critical health practice to maintain. A thorough checkup will determine the state of your overall health and help you move forward with a better sense of how to take proper care of yourself.

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Various Specialists Visits 

If you struggle with a chronic condition or specific illness, make sure you visit your specialists routinely to stay on track with your goals for treatment. For example, working with specialists, you’ll learn what is Lipedema if these symptoms are specific to you. Some specialists you may need to see are gastrointestinal and chiropractic specialists and these professionals can address specific conditions and concerns regarding your physical health.

Annual Dental Exam

Seeing your dentist may not be your favorite thing, but it is essential. Your annual dental visit is there to remove cavities and plaque build-up and to give your teeth the yearly cleaning they need to stay healthy. 

Make sure you are flossing and using a mouth rinse between visits so that your dental hygiene stays in good shape. If necessary, be sure to see your dentist more often. You may have specific concerns or be interested in the whitening services your dental practice may offer.

Eye Doctor Exams

Examining your eyes each year is essential to address underlying vision changes. If you have contacts or glasses or are experiencing any specific vision issues, going to your yearly eye exam can play a significant role in the health and well-being of your eyes and vision. You will also get tested for diseases like glaucoma to ensure your eye health is good. 

Women’s Health Exam

For women, mammograms and gynecological exams are specific exams you’ll want to have addressed each year or more. Ensuring that you are caring for your body is an ongoing process, so it is essential to have routine visits to ensure you are in good health. Additional factors may influence how frequently you need to see your gynecologist, including whether you’re on birth control. 

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Mental Health Visits 

Make sure you attend your regular therapy sessions to ensure your emotional health is in good shape. If you take medication for any underlying dental health issues, see your psychiatrist regularly to ensure that you are on track with your medications. 

Having three-month check-ins for mental health medications is essential for monitoring your health over a prolonged period. Often, it takes time to find the right medications, which means that these checkups can help determine which medications to continue using and which to discontinue. 

Take Control Of Your Health 

Taking control of your health means attending regular appointments that keep you healthy. Rule out all possible conditions and address all the critical components of health by seeing specialists that tailor to specific conditions. 

See your primary care doctor and women’s health provider (if applicable) to stay in good health. Your yearly dental exam will also ensure that your oral hygiene is in good standing and that you feel your best between visits.