Telltale signs that prove your boss is a bully – How to tackle such a boss/manager

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Written By Charlotte Miller

If you thought bullying is restrained to the teen years, you’re wrong as there are too many reports of increased bullies in the workplace. Did you know that there are studies that reveal around 30 million workers have been or are now being bullied at their workplaces? Bullying at the workplace can occur to anyone but the scariest thing to deal with in a workplace is when your boss bullies you. 

Most of the time, people fail to realize that their boss is the one who is bullying them. Not understanding the signs of bullying, victims often seek the help of a personal injury lawyer who has specialized in workplace harassment. What are the signs you should watch out for in your boss? Here are some.

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Sign #1: A boss who hinders your success

If your boss is a bully, he won’t be happy to see you succeed in life. They have a feeling that they’ll lose control over you once you move up the ladder of success. In an attempt to prevent your success, he may punish you for faults that are not your own or blame you for tasks that are not done by you. They also make matters worse for you to an extent where you’ll find it impossible to ask for a promotion. 

Sign #2: A boss who trespasses your privacy

There are many bosses or managers who stalk you or spy on you. When you’re busy in your private conversations, you may find your boss listening to you, opening your email, or tampering with your work equipment and other personal belongings. Such bosses keep looking for proof to use against you. 

Sign #3: A boss who intimidates you

Your boss can also have an intimidating attitude towards you where he often threatens to fire you from his organization. If he is a bullying person, he can even make frightening gestures to harm you physically. A few other intimidating gestures may include invading your personal space, towering over you while you are working, or giving you intimidating looks. 

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Sign #4: A boss who spreads rumors and gossip about you

You have to remember the fact that bullies usually go to great lengths to tarnish your reputation. This is why they may gossip about your work with others, and not only do they gossip about your work performance but also about your personal life, health, and appearance. These bully bosses even spread rumors about you to damage your goodwill. They have a common goal of making others believe that you deserve this kind of unfair treatment from them. 

Therefore, if you’re someone who is being bullied by your boss or manager at your workplace, don’t sit quietly. Be loud about voicing your opinion about it and make sure you’re heard by HR. If things don’t solve, you should hire a workplace harassment attorney who can walk you through the process of filing a lawsuit against your boss. 

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