The Best Mattress Search: 5 Things You Should Remember

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Written By Charlotte Miller

The search for a new mattress is quite tricky if you are not familiar with what you should keep in mind. Many things are to be considered when purchasing a new mattress for your home. Your height, weight, budget, and sleeping position are just a few of the things that you should check on your list. To help you check out your choices, here are the factors you should keep in mind when purchasing a new mattress. 

Sleeping Position

Many individuals have their favorite sleeping position. When selecting a new mattress, you might want to consider your preferred sleeping position to ensure that you are comfortable with your next purchase. Each sleeping position requires a mattress that would support your body when you sleep. Some of the most common sleeping positions, include:

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Side Sleeping

If your preferred position is on the side, you might want to purchase a mattress that can support your shoulders and hip. A bed that is extra soft but could provide the support you need is what you may want to try. The best mattress for side sleepers is the memory foam mattress because of its pressure relief and support for your shoulders and hip. 

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On Your Stomach

If you are a stomach sleeper, feeling sore all over your body if your mattress could not give the comfort and support that you need is a daily phenomenon. This preferred sleeping position is comfortable for some, but note that it could put pressure on your neck, shoulders, hip, and back if not provided with the correct mattress. 

The perfect mattress for a stomach sleeper is a pocket sprung mattress. This kind of mattress can help relieve back and joint pain that a stomach sleeper usually experiences. It also comes in various firmness options that could cater to your needs as a stomach sleeper. 

On Your Back

For back sleepers, a mattress with good back support is a must. Sleeping on your back can help you straighten your spine and can also relieve muscle and joint pains. It is one of the healthiest and preferred sleep positions by professionals. For back sleepers, a hybrid mattress is one of the best options. It gives a combination of support from memory foam and coil mattresses. 

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Type of Mattress 

Knowing that there are many mattress types available in the market can be overwhelming, but knowing and understanding your preferences can help you narrow them down. If there are different types of sleeping positions, mattresses also differ in terms of materials and purpose. There are many selections, but here are the most common and the most comfortable types:

Memory Foam

You might be familiar with this mattress type since memory foams are pretty popular in the industry. Memory foam mattresses are an excellent option if you want something firm to support your body, especially if you suffer from back problems.  It provides a more stable sleep foundation that could alleviate joint and back pains. 


Latex mattresses are pretty known for their hypoallergenic and eco-friendly material. This kind of mattress is recommended and perfect for people with allergies. Not only are they famous for their nature-friendly materials, but they are also known to provide excellent support for your body, especially on your back. Latex mattresses are firm and offer a bouncy feel to anyone who uses them. 


As the name suggests, a hybrid mattress is composed of the most common materials, such as memory foam, latex, and coils. It is known for giving breathable comfort and a reduced motion transfer. It provides excellent support and comfort to your body that will surely make you sleep like a baby. 


In purchasing a mattress, it is essential to take note of your budget. You don’t want to overspend and break your limit. There are various mattresses to select from, and the search for the best mattress that does not go over your budget is somewhere waiting for you. It would be best if you keep in mind that expensiveness does not always equate to greatness, especially when choosing the best mattress for you. 


Most of the time, people tend to disregard this option. Reviews are essential to know whether a particular product is good or bad. You might want to know and check some online reviews about the product to ensure that you buy the right mattress. Please note the critical reviews given, for they can help you decide and weigh your final decision. 


For a practical buyer, knowing the product warranty is vital. Not only that it could save you from future regrets, but it can help and assure you that the mattress that you are buying is of good quality and has no hidden defects. The manufacturers give warranties to guarantee that they can repair or replace a product if it is defective or does not give the satisfaction it should offer.  


Purchasing a new mattress is a significant investment for you and your family. Making sure that you only get what’s best is essential. There are many types of mattresses out in the market, and selecting one is overwhelming, but it is also a great experience. You are indeed a step ahead in having the best mattress for your home!