The Best Phone Number Validation APIs for Your Business 

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Written By Berry Mathew

The present world has immensely digitalized. Phone number validation is a product of digitalization. Quite a lot of us don’t prioritize the presence of a phone number. Not validating your phone number has led to security breaches. Validating your contact number is essential since communication through messages marks the pillar of customer success. Quite a lot of companies interact through messages, and without the validation of mobile numbers, thorough customer interaction is nearly impossible. 

What is Phone Number Validation? 

Quite a lot of people are unaware of phone number validation. So, what is that exactly? A phone API number validation tool fuels businesses in acquiring myriad data for phone number validation. This process might involve functions like location detection, the viability of the contact number, detection of phone carriers, and related factors. 

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List of Top Phone Number Validation APIs 

If you haven’t validated your contact number and looking forward to doing the same, keep reading. We have listed some of the best Phone APIs for validation purposes. 

  1. NumVerify

Why do most of us require a phone number validator? It is majorly because of ensuring that our contact number is in good hands and there is a reduced count of fraudulent spread. All in all, the phone number validator is supposed to keep the database clean by getting rid of everything unnecessary. 


This phone API offers international phone number validation which is quite a rare phenomenon. Furthermore, this app is a free version supporting more than 100 requests per month. This API is recognized for having the support of 232 countries and is therefore considered favorable for international use. The free version itself offers leverage of carrier validation, line type, location, and country. The API is relatively simpler to incorporate.

  1. Num Lookup Api

This is also quite a popular phone number API that offers phone data for over 230 countries. This platform offers to automate your verification process by examining multiple data providers and international carriers. 


Just like NumVerify, this API is also highly functional in offering a clean database that doesn’t entertain any deceptive activity and offers quality leads. This API is a product of developers curated specially for developers. Its key features include a developed user experience, robust design, team functionality, performance overview, and customized support. 

Setting up this tool is pretty simplistic. The dashboard offers options like performance metrics, the total number of requests, success rate, mean latency, remaining requests, and so on. Furthermore, they offer a free plan for up to 100 API calls per month. 

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  1. Abstract API

This one is a swift and lightweight API that comes with enhanced features. Their database covers more than 190 countries, and this makes it suitable for international number validations as well. 


They focus highly on security, therefore every API activity is secured with 256-bit SSL encryption. One great part about using this platform is, you can start using their free plan right away which offers you 250 requests before shifting to the paid subscription. 

  1. Vonage Number Insight

This is not only a mobile number verify API, but offers numerous extra features. It comprises fascinating features like caller identification, foreseeing customer intent, verification, and approving customers focused on their intention right from the beginning of the signing up process till the end.


Apart from the aforementioned features. Vonage offers quite a lot more like blocking fraudulent and fake accounts, preventing scam activities, differentiating between mobile and landline numbers, gathering a carrier for advanced SMS routing, and also adding steps to validate suspected numbers. 

  1. Neutrino

Neutrino is again a versatile API that can validate both international and local contact numbers while tracing their location. This API is quite precise and clear-cut in nature. The formats available are JSON and XML. furthermore, it comprises factors like country code, IP, and a number. 


All in all, Neutrino offers a sorted platform with numerous beneficial tools that help resolve developers’ complex issues regarding their projects. One can utilize its free version though it only offers 50 credits. If you are satisfied with the free version, opt for one of the premium tiers for more credits. 

  1. Loquate

This API can validate both new and old contact numbers. It offers a free trial providing an idea of what it offers. 


This API assures that all SMS and voice calls arrive only the valid numbers by swiftly differentiating between the data. As the audience, you can select when the task will be performed – either while signing up or before sending the SMS, or during the cleansing time. This API is adaptable and can be used on websites, apps, and also CRM.   

Phone number validation is indeed an essential element in keeping intact the authenticity of the contact number. With the rise in security breaches leading to huge financial losses as well, the need for phone number APIs will have twofold demand. 


Incorporating a phone number validation API into your business can greatly improve your operations by ensuring accurate and up-to-date information on your customer base. There are a variety of phone number validation APIs available, each with their own unique features and pricing models. It is important to consider factors such as data accuracy, speed, and cost when choosing the best API for your business needs. Some of the top phone number validation APIs in the market include Numverify, Num Lookup Api, Abstract API, Vonage Number Insight, Neutrino, and Loquate. Ultimately, selecting the right phone number validation API will help your business enhance customer experience, increase efficiency, and reduce the likelihood of errors in your communication processes.